XLS Express drainer 500 ml Slimming


XL-S Draineur Express provides a complete solution, in liquid form, to drain the body in order to slim down . Detoxifying drink to drain the body and promote the elimination of toxins.

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    XLS Express Drainer 500 ml Green tea - lemon Drains: helps to drain. Destocker: helps burn fat

    Drains the body and promotes thinning . Ideal for those who wish to drain their body naturally and slim down at the same time while preserving their tone .

    Properties of the XLS express drainer food supplement

    XLS Express Drainer Green tea - lemon is intended for all those who wish to slim down while drinking.
    XLS Draineur Express is a complete solution, in liquid form, to drain the body and slim down.

    The new formula resulting from the research of the Omega Pharma Laboratories, benefits from a reinforced efficiency , thanks to optimally dosed active ingredients:

    • The Dandelion and the Meadowsweet help to drain and eliminate water.
    • Rosemary and Carum caraway are known to stimulate digestion .
    • Green Tea helps burn fat , increasing energy expenditure.

    Advice for indications of the XLS express drainer food supplement

    For weight control and prevention and treatment of obesity.

    You love bread, rice, potatoes, pasta (slow sugars), because these foods give you the energy you need. You are aware that your diet rich in slow sugars has a negative impact on your weight.
    You are unable to reduce your intake of slow sugars. Examples of foods rich in slow sugars: Bread, potatoes, cereals, couscous, cupcakes, spaghetti, etc.

    Tips for using the XLS express drainer food supplement

    10-day express cure (1 bottle of 500ml):

    * Shake the bottle before use. After opening, keep it cool and consume it within ten days.
    * Dilute a 15 ml measuring cap every day in a large glass of water, three times a day.
    * It is advisable to drink 1.5 L of water throughout the day.
    * You can renew the express cure if necessary.

    If the Drainer Express XLS Green tea - lemon acts quickly and effectively on the body, it is because this product is highly dosed in natural active ingredients whose properties on health have been recognized for centuries. As part of a healthy and balanced diet, it accelerates weight loss, burns unwanted fat and tones the body in record time !

    Precaution for use of the XLS express drainer food supplement

    • Do not exceed 30 ml per day.
    • Read the instructions carefully.
    • It is advisable to drink 1.5 L of water throughout the day.

    Complete formulation of the XLS express drainer food supplement

    COMPOSITION: purified water, vegetable glycerin, green tea extract, rosemary extract, dandelion extract, caraway extract and flowering tops extract of meadowsweet on 3.7% maltodextrin support, tea - lemon flavor, acidity corrector citric acid, K sorbate preservative, Acesulfam K sweeteners and sucralose, excipients qs 100%

    Daily doses for 45ml
    Dandelion: 400mg
    Rosemary: 400mg
    Carum Caraway: 375mg
    Green tea: 292mg
    Meadowsweet: 200mg

    Our advice and opinions from pharmacy experts

    The action of the XLS Medical Express Drainer is based on two points: the purification of the organism and the burning of calories . Full of plant extracts with depurative properties, this drink is also energizing and also acts on stress and blood pressure : more relaxed and rid of the excesses that clutter it normally, the body can finally breathe. Indeed, it is recommended when you want to lose weight, to observe a period of drainage in order to allow the body to evacuate toxins from a poor diet too rich in fats, industrial products and sugars.

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