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Cream Dermalex Irritation des mains CONTACT ECZEMA is intended to relieve itching, papules and other symptoms associated with Eczema Contact.

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    Contact eczema results from a reaction of the skin to a component of a household product, cosmetic, medicinal ... vesicles, swelling, redness often accompanied by itching. DERMALEX Laboratories have formulated DERMALEX Hand Cream Irritation ECZEMA by CONTACT whose active ingredients will repair the skin and relieve the sensations of discomfort.

    DERMALEX Hand Cream Irritation ECZEMA contains:

    Plant Ceramides
    Very close to the skin ceramides, they help to promote the repair of the skin barrier.
    Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate and Modified Aluminosilicates
    They will act in synergy to protect the skin from bacterial toxins.

    Results with Dermalex contact eczema cream

    Irritations, itching, redness due to contact contact eczema are soothed and the skin repaired.

    How to use Dermalex eczema contact cream

    2 to 3 times a day, wash your skin with lukewarm water and then apply a thin layer on the affected areas.

    Use from 6 years.

    In prevention, avoid contact with:
    Several exogenous agents such as detergents, soaps and certain types of clothing (wool, tight clothing or too hot).
    What triggered your latest outbreak of eczema: nickel, perfumes, work-related materials, etc.
    Mites and other allergens can also trigger eczema flare-ups.
    Avoid prolonged contact with water and moisture (one shower per day).

    Dermalex, effective treatment of eczema

    Dermalex Eczema offers you products without corticosteroids, safe to use and offering real results. Based on clinical studies and developed by dermatologists, Dermalex Eczema is a new effective treatment adapted to your type of contact or atopic eczema.
    The Dermalex Eczéma product range includes an atopic eczema cream for babies and children starting at 8 weeks format 30g and 100g, an atopic eczema cream for adults and an atopic eczema cream for children from 6 years old 30g and 100g format and an eczema contact cream for adults and children 6 years format 30g and 100g.
    Available in pharmacy.


    Developed by dermatologists, the Dermalex product line treats skin with eczema and psoriasis. Dermalex Psoriasis also prevents the proliferation of keratinocytes by strengthening the skin barrier. The itching disappears and the skin regains its protective shield against external aggressions.

    Dermalex treatments are clinically proven. They protect the skin and prevent possible further flare-ups. Soft and suitable for fragile skin, products are designed without steroids, emollients, corticoids, perfumes and parabens. Given to infants and children, they are also suitable for adults.

    Change of temperature, limestone, chlorine, pollution, clothes, cosmetics, sun ... The skin undergoes daily many external aggressions, sources of itching , red patches , drying , etc. Dermatology is the medicine dedicated to the care of the skin , mucous membranes , nails , hair and hair . It allows, among other things, to treat acne , eczema , psoriasis , hair loss or fungal infections .

    Discover our selection of medicines to treat your dermatological problems , in our pharmacy department.

    No medicine will be delivered outside French territory. Only available at the pharmacy in Perpignan (France).

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