Advance Dog Puppy Sensitive 3 kg bag on sale in our veterinary pharmacy, is a food specially formulated for all puppies from 2 to 12 months and pregnant or lactating animals, which have an intolerance to meat proteins.

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    Description Advance Dog Puppy Sensitive 3 kg bag

    Characteristics :

    Aloe Vera Gel: Helps maintain skin and the intestinal wall.

    Vitamin E and fructo oligo saccharides: The antioxidant effect protects the intestinal flora and helps to protect the immune system.

    Optimal growth: Rich in protein, vitamins and fat to ensure the harmonious development of the puppy's muscles and optimally cover the increased energy needs during growth.

    Immunoglobulins: Natural Protein to maintain good intestinal health.

    Salmon and rice: No meat proteins, contains only fish proteins and vegetable proteins.

    Protein sources limits: salmon in protein which helps reduce the risk of allergic reaction or food d'intolérance.

    Advance usage Council Dog Puppy Sensitive 3 kg bag

    Recommended daily amount

    Weight in adulthood - 2.5 months 2.5 months + 4 months + + 6 months pregnant Female
    1-5 kg ​​25-50 g 45-80 g 40-90 g 70-90 g 30-70 g
    5-10 kg 50-100 g 80-150 g 90-180 g 90-140 g 70-100 g
    10-20 kg 100-150 g 150-270 g 180-300 g 140-260 g 100-175 g
    20-40 kg 150-350 g 270-375 g 300-470 g 260-520 g 270-460 g
    40-60 kg 350-480 g 375-510 g 470-610 g 520-675 g 460-620 g
    > 60 kg> 480 g> 510 g> 610 g> 675 g> 620 g

    Composition of Advance Dog Puppy Sensitive 3 kg bag

    Salmon (18%), maize, rice (14%), dehydrated protein salmon gluten meal corn, hydrolyzed animal protein, potato protein, yeast, hydrolyzed collagen, beet pulp, fish oil, vegetable fiber , potassium chloride, fructo oligo saccharides (0.43%), calcium carbonate, salt, aloe vera (0.005%).

    Nutritional Assitifs:
    Vitamin A 27000 IU, vitamin D 3 1800 IU, vitamin E 670 mg Vitamin C (sodium salts and calcium ascorbyl monophosphate) 500 mg Taurine 1200 mg, Iron sulfate monohydrate 260 mg (Fe: 85 mg) Potassium iodide 1.9 mg (I: 1.4 mg), copper sulfate pentahydrate 34 mg (Cu: 8.8 mg), manganese sulphate monohydrate 124mg (Mn: 40mg), zinc sulfate monohydrate 600mg ( Zn: 250 mg), sodium selenite 0.24 mg (Se: 0.11 mg), with antioxidants

    Analytical Contituants (%)
    Protein 28.5%
    Crude fat 20.0%
    Crude fibers 2.0%
    Minerals 6.7%
    Calcium 1.2%
    1.0% phosphorus
    Humidity 9.0%

    Metabolizable energy (kcal / kg) 3870 kcal / kg.

    Introducing Advance Dog Puppy Sensitive 3 kg bag

    Bag of 3 kg.

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