Advance Bulldog Dog Dog Bag 3 kg for sale in our veterinary pharmacy, is formulated specifically for English Bulldogs over 1 year.

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    Description Advance Bulldog Dog Dog Bag 3 kg

    Advance Bulldog Dog Dog Bag 3 kg is composed of specific functional ingredients and a moderate calorie content for optimal weight and easier digestion with odor reduction. It promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat, enhances the proper functioning of the cardio respiratory system. These croquettes are adapted for optimal grip and chewing. Characteristics :

    • Chicken and rice, the main ingredients: Excellent sources of carbon and d'hydrates protein, easily digestible, for optimal intestinal health.
    • Egg, yeast, hydrolyzed proteins and immunoglobulins: Biological and easily digestible proteins that contribute to optimal digestion with odor reduction.
    • Anti oxygen (red fruit, vitamin E and C): The combined action contributes to strengthening the cardio-respiratory system.
    • FOS (fructo oligo sacsharides) and beet pulp: Promotes the growth of the intestinal flora and helps digestion by reducing odors.
    • Yoghurt: Its excellent flavor brings the appetite.
    • Biotin, zinc, omega 6 fatty acids (soybean oil): For healthy skin and a shiny coat
    • Pyrophosphates and green tea: Helps prevent the formation of tartar and bad breath

    Advance usage Council Bulldog Dog Dog Bag 3 kg


    Weight in adulthood 10 kg 15 kg 20 kg 25 kg
    Grams per day 145 g 200 g 245 g 290 g

    ADVANCE DOG DOG composition 3 kg bag BULLDOG

    Chicken (17%), rice (17%), corn, wheat, dehydrated protein poultry, animal fat, gluten corn flour, dehydrated protein pork, hydrolyzed animal protein, beet pulp, dried egg (1%), yeast, fish oil, soybean oil, plasma proteins, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, dried yogurt (0.3%), tetrasodium diphosphate, salt, fructo oligosaccharides, green tea (0.1%), berries Dehydrated (0.05%), rich in bioflavonoids citrus extracts.

    Vitamin A 27,000 IU / kg Vitamin D3 1800 IU / kg vitamin E (α-tocopherol): 1000 mg / kg vitamin C: 500 mg / kg, Biotin: 0.25 mg / kg, taurine: 1460 mg / kg Manganese 40 mg / kg, L-carnitine: 250 mg / kg Iron: 86 mg / kg Iodine: 1,44mg / kg Copper: 9 mg / kg Selenium: 0,11mg / kg.

    Average analysis:
    Crude protein 25.0%
    Crude fat 14.5%
    Raw fiber 2.5%
    6.5% minerals
    Calcium 1.1%
    Phosphorus 0.8%
    Humidity 9.0%

    Metabolizable energy (kcal / kg) 3648

    Advance presentation Bulldog Dog Dog Bag 3 kg

    Bag of 3 kg.

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