The écolomiques GLASSES (??)

... Your old glasses
We all have old pairs of glasses or sunglasses adapted more lying around in our tiroirset not necessarily waste. Above all, do not throw ... but do not let them sleep in your closet: recycle them! There is indeed an opportunity to give them a second life with new glasses to avoid waste and over consumption.

In Europe and North America, nearly 10 million in good pairs of glasses are thrown away each year.
In France, many people have difficulties to deliver what Social Security considers a luxury but is nevertheless a necessity.
Mutual and complementary health today remboursmeent a mount all 2 years in the best case when your correction may change this time

So recycle your old eyeglasses that are no longer used (even sunglasses)
Do your bit for the planet go green and sustainable consume.
You glasses are checked using a focometer (device for measuring the correction lenses) to see the consistency of the correction and centrages.Elles are called into the state and reconditioned. The most sensitive cases (bifocals or progressive lenses are measured by a professional expert optician to determine the origin of centering.

We help our fellow citizens in financial difficulties. Indeed for those who don 'have little means and no mutual we offer attractive call prices and one year warranty on the salaries of glass (anti-reflective, hardened: photochromic).
The French law allows you to use a prescription for 3 years and as we rely on a physical optical store that has set up shop it is possible to re-check the correction for those not resident too far .You have the opportunity to contact our beautician optician board by mail:
He will answer your questions (state of the mount; beautician board by selfie system on the frame you want to use and compatible with the correction; he will also guide you on choosing the most appropriate glasses with a telephone exchange.

Associative way we also recover all the glasses you no longer being re-used to repackage and make that different associations
Associations lacking especially glasses for children ... while doing a gesture and give them when you do not want to reuse.
We want to create forward collection points in parenariat with such organic shops to reduce mailing costs and their impact on ecology.

The sending of your glasses and your documents at your expense and your RESPONSABILITY the return of the Machinery is free and included in the glass package you choose.
You will be provided all the necessary documents to a social security refund and complementary health supplement your reconditonnées mounts.
Our progressive lenses have a matching 3-month warranty.

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