Laxative Parapsyllium bags of 10 g on sale in our pharmacy bio, is a laxative used in the symptomatic treatment of constipation.

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For warnings, precautions for use and cons-indications, see the instructions for use.


Description Parapsyllium Laxative bags of 10 g


Laxative Parapsyllium bags of 10g contains a ballast laxative (psyllium) and a laxative lubricant (liquid paraffin). Psyllium is a naturally occurring substance that is neither digested nor absorbed. It imbibes water and makes them larger and less firm stools. It is used in the symptomatic treatment of constipation.


Council Parapsyllium laxative use bags of 10 g


Dilute Parapsyllium Laxative bags of 10 g with a full glass of water or fruit juice. Stir and drink immediately.
General dose:
1 tablespoon or 1 sachet, at bedtime.


Laxative composition Parapsyllium bags of 10 g


100 g for 1 bag
Psyllium husk pulverized mucilaginous seed 33.33 g 3.33 g
Microencapsulated liquid paraffin 33.33 g 3.33 g
Sorbitol 32.84 g 3.28 g


Precaution of use


This drug should not be used in the following cases:
Bowel obstruction or conditions predisposing to obstruction,
Abdominal pain of unknown cause,
Fecal impaction (stool cap)
Genetic fructose intolerance (sorbitol is converted to fructose by the liver).


Precautions are necessary in people with calculations that may block the bile ducts.
It is necessary to drink plenty of water, especially when dilation of the colon, bed rest, and in the elderly.
Paraffin oil may reduce the absorption of some vitamins (A, D, E, K) with prolonged use.
Laxatives should not be used for prolonged periods without medical advice.


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding
This medication does not contain any substance known to be toxic in pregnancy or lactation; Nevertheless, it may reduce the absorption of some vitamins: its use must be punctual.


What are the risks of side effects
Bloated feeling.


Introducing Parapsyllium Laxative bags of 10 g


Box of 10, 30 sachets of 10 g.


Warning, the drug is not a product like any other. Read the package leaflet before ordering. Do not leave medicines within reach of children. If symptoms persist, seek the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. Beware of incompatibilities on your current products.

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