DUREX Natural Preservative Sensation x2




Condoms Natural Sensation Durex x2 are ultra-thin and extra-lubrized ensuring comfort and maintenance of sensations.

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    Try Durex Feeling Extra, ultra-thin and extra-lubricated condoms for two-in-one sensations.

    Thanks to their smoothness and extra lubrication, Durex Natural Sensation condoms bring you maximum sensuality, bringing you closer to your partner like never before.

    These condoms are Easy-on ™: a unique contoured shape to unwind and put on the condom easily with a cool, lightweight lubricant that masks the smell of latex.

    Streamlined, transparent condoms with reservoir and made of natural rubber latex with non-spermicidal lubricant. Average diameter: 52,5mm

    Description of DUREX Natural Sensation X2 Preservative

    DUREX Laboratories constantly innovate in the design of their range of condoms to always offer you maximum security and to preserve all the sensations during a protected sexual relation ...

    NATURAL SENSATION Condoms are:

    • Very fine,
    • Very lubricated,
    • In Natural Rubber Latex,
    • Equipped with the "Easy-one" shape for easy installation, a tank, a light and fresh lubricant hiding perfectly the smell of latex.


    Diameter: 56 mm.

    1. Either partner can put the condom on the erect penis during foreplay. Avoid any contact between the penis and the partner's body before the condom is put in place to prevent pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted infections.

    2. Make sure the part to unwind is outside. If she is inside, the condom is upside down. Make sure to carefully grasp the top of the condom (tank) with your fingers in order to expel the air, the air remaining inside can cause it to rupture.

    3. While still holding the reservoir between the fingers, place the condom on the tip of the erect penis and use the other hand to continue to unroll the condom completely along the penis. During the report, if the condom begins to curl up on itself, put it back into place immediately by unrolling it again before continuing the sexual relationship. If the condom is removed completely, put a new one before continuing the sexual relationship.

    4. To withdraw just after ejaculation and before the end of the erection, while firmly holding the condom at the base of the sex. Wait until you have completely withdrawn before removing the condom. Make sure to avoid any contact of the penis and used condom with the body of the partner. Discard the condom hygienically: roll it in a paper and put it in the trash. Do not throw in the toilet.

    Durex condoms - Online Pharmacy

    Buy Durex condoms at low prices on your care and Nature bio pharmacy online

    Condoms in Pharmacy:

    The only way to protect against sexually transmitted infections, the condom integrates more and more the pleasure dimension. Textured, fragrant, retarding ... a wide choice is now available.

    DUREX is the world leader in the sale of condoms because their quality offers optimum safety and their range offers a wide choice of products.

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