Magnesium sulfate Epsom salt powder

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    Magnesium Sulphate Epsom Salt 1 Sachet

    Magnesium sulfate is traditionally used in the cleansing of the liver and gallbladder according to Andreas Moritz and his protocol.

    Magnesium sulphate helps to dilate the channels, which eliminates secretions from the liver, gall bladder and pancreas.

    It also allows an intestinal purge ...

    Description of magnesium sulfate

    COOPER Magnesium sulfate, crystallized magnesium sulphate, 30 g bag or 1kg jar

    Using advice and opinion on Epsom salt magnesium sulfate 1 sachet

    For magnesium sulphate, dilute 20g (one tablespoon) of magnesium sulphate in 1 liter of water that you place in the refrigerator.
    Every morning, drink a glass of a mixture of this sulphated water and organic fruit juice 100% equal parts because the taste of sulphate water alone is unpleasant ...
    This cure should not continue beyond 20 days.
    It is very important not to accustom the body to this remedy so that it retains all its effectiveness.

    Diluted in the bath water, magnesium sulfate relaxes, relaxes muscles and joints, relieves muscle cramps and contractures, sprains and bruises.


    Crystallized magnesium sulphate 30 g, qsp a sachet.

    Precaution for use with magnesium sulfate Epsom salt 1 sachet

    The origin of its fame, a mineral spring discovered in 1618 in Epsom (England), whose waters, rich in minerals, relieved skin diseases. However, it is for its laxative properties that this source became known.

    Nowadays, Epsom salt is obtained from natural minerals from underground deposits. Magnesium sulfate is one of the various "salts" of magnesium (chloride, carbonate, citrate ...). It has been used for centuries to treat skin problems, for its laxative or purgative action in the relief of occasional constipation ...

    Presentation of magnesium sulfate 1 sachet

    A bag of 30 grams or 1 jar of 1 kg

    Our expert advice in pharmacy

    Essential element of Andreas Moritz's protocol. Advised also for the maintenance of the house and the garden! The Celts, then the Romans, already enjoyed the waters of the Epsom region. Today, the salt of Epsom (magnesium sulphate) is a product appreciated for its numerous and varied properties. For health. At home. To clean a rebellious tile, regenerate a car battery, soften the towels, ... In the garden. It is an excellent component of green manures. It removes slugs, fertilizes tomato plants and fertilizes turf ...

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