Harmonious Breastfeeding Biology Pranarôm 5ML *

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FemiNaissance BIO de PRANAROMFemiNaissance BIO de PRANAROM

Harmonious Breastfeeding Bio Pranarôm 5ml is a 100% natural oral solution based on essential oil, intended for women who wish to stimulate their milk production.

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Used for : colique bébé, allaitement, stimuler la lactation, maternité

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Harmonious Breastfeeding Biology Pranarôm 5ML

Young mothers are frequently confronted with problems of milk under-production during the breastfeeding phase ... Since the classic arsenal of molecules promoting lactation is rather limited, we must resign ourselves to partially or completely bottle-feeding, which is often felt as a personal failure by the young mother and can induce more or less severe depressions.

The Pranarôm laboratories offer a natural and gentle help to the induction of lactation in women with HARMONIOUS BREAST FEEDING, a mixture containing essential oils having a beneficial action on the production of milk.

The small + of this product: in addition to promoting lactation, it contains essential oil of basil which will ensure a digestive comfort to the baby by relieving his colic.

Properties of Bio Feminine Breastfeeding Harmonious Pranarôm

Bio Harmonious Breastfeeding is an oral solution containing 100% organic essential oils that is particularly suitable for mothers who want to offer in peace the best food for their baby: breast milk.

Taken daily, it stimulates its natural production of milk.

- nice taste. A composition studied for carefree breastfeeding.

How can essential oils help to improve lactation?

The essential oils contained in this composition have the common characteristic of containing molecules that structurally resemble estrogen without actually being: we speak of structure and "estrogen-like" activity.

Nevertheless, their oral sublingual administration will rapidly induce stimulation of the hypothalamic hypothalamic axis and stimulate the synthesis of prolactin , a hormone that controls the production of breast milk.

Zoom on the composition of the feminine breastfeeding harmonious:

In this special breastfeeding preparation, the essential oil chosen to exercise this lactation promotion function is sweet fennel ( Foeniculum vulgare var dulce ). This essential oil is very rich in trans-anethole, whose molecular structure, although significantly simpler, mimics that of estrogen. We already know all the good that provides a fennel infusion in case of low milk production and this positive effect will be optimized by the use of the most concentrated plant extract that exists, namely the essential oil.

In this mixture is also used the essential oil of Niaouli ( Melaleuca quinquenervia CT cineole ). Two of its components are called 'sesquiterpenols' and have - like the sclareol of clary sage essential oil - a disturbing similarity to estrogen. They therefore have the main properties while being perfectly tolerated by the body.

Finally, basil essential oil consists mainly of a molecule similar to trans-anethole, methyl-chavicol. This molecule is above all a powerful anti-spasmodic myotropic (muscle tropism) and a very valid anti-allergic . The traces of this molecule present in breast milk will be beneficial for the baby and will allow him to relieve abdominal colic resulting from the difficult digestion of their bowls of breast milk.

Tips for using Bio Feminine Breastfeeding Harmonious Pranarôm

Oral use : In the morning, before the meal, drop 3 to 5 drops of this mixture under the tongue and let it melt.

It is possible to mix the drops in a little honey to reduce the aniseed taste of the product.

To be repeated daily during the whole period of breastfeeding.

Composition of Bio Feminine Breastfeeding Harmonious Pranarôm

This post-delivery remedy consists mainly of 100% organic essential and vegetable oils:

Essential oils of fennel and basil classically used by the breastfeeding woman for their beneficial properties for the secretion of milk. + Niaouli essential oil.

Vegetable oil: Rapeseed "from organic farming" (Control Certisys-BE-BIO-01).

Special precautions of Bio Pranarôm Harmonious Breastfeeding

  1. Do not use during pregnancy.
  2. Stop taking the product as soon as weaning is considered.
  3. The product is without any danger for the baby who takes the feed.
  4. Keep out of reach of children
  5. Avoid contact with eyes.
  6. Do not exceed the recommended dose.
  7. Not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  8. Keep away from sources of heat and light.

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