PRANABB gingival gel Teething BIO PRANAROM

PRANABB gingival gel Teething BIO PRANAROM View larger



PRANABB gingival gel Teething BIO PRANAROM
Quickly comforts sensitive gums baby safely. Dice 5 months.

Certified BIO

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Partners with: CAMILIA 30 UNIDOSES HOMEOPATHIE Boiron, Pilou PRANAROM Ultrasonic Humidifier Diffuser of Essential Oils

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PRANABB gingival gel Teething BIO PRANAROM

Indications gel breathing PranaBB

The "Dentition" gingival gel is a pleasant tasting, sugar-free and alcohol-free certified organic essential oils of katrafay noble chamomile and cloves, combined with calendula oil macerate.

Properties of the gel breathing PranaBB

A sweet aromatic formula that calms and soothes the discomfort of baby. The product quickly comforts sensitive gums safely, even if baby swallows some gel.

Ingredients of gel respiration PranaBB

With 100% organic essential oils
Katrafay noble Chamomile, Clove
+ 100% organic vegetable oils
Sunflower, Calendula
Ingredients from Organic Farming.
Certified in accordance with specifications ECOGARANTIE loads ® (Control Certisys)

Tips for using the gel breathing PranaBB

1 dose every complaint
massaging the sensitive gums,
maximum 4 times daily.

Precautions gel breathing PranaBB

- Wash hands before using the gel.
- Avoid contact with eyes.
- Keep out of reach of young children.
- Keep away from sources of heat and light.

PranaBB Pranarom to treat your baby naturally

PranaBB care, meanwhile, meet all the baby's needs. Formulated with ingredients drawn from the best resources of nature, PranaBB Pranarom treatments combine the sweetness of vegetable oils with the virtues of essential oils . In the strictest respect of the equilibrium of the infants, the care contributes to appease baby to help him fall asleep, to support his major balances or to calm the small sensations of discomfort that he can meet.

Complexes of essential oils represent a combination of certain essential oils strengthens and targets their action on a specific pathology.

The benefits of essential oil complexes on your health

Complexes of essential oils are blends of essential oils of very high quality. The mixtures allow synergy in a specific pathology. Our aromatherapy experts have selected for you blends of organic and chemotyped essential oils . Whether in massage with vegetable oils or diffusion, aromatherapy contributes to your well-being in everyday life.

The benefits of the complex of essential oils:

  • fewer side effects, more efficiency because the oils are potentiating between them,
  • without risk as formulated by professionals,
  • and cheaper than buying 4-5 different essential oils.

Discover our "ready-to-use" formulas in all its forms: capsules, massage oils, Oleocaps capsules, oral ampoules, sanitizing spray , lozenges, roll-on with essential oils ... Also find a specific range developed exclusively for pregnant women. All these complexes are made from chemotyped and HEBBD certified essential oils mainly from the Phytosun'Aroms and Pranarom laboratories.

How to choose your complex of essential oils

By feeling the bottle and feeling good ... But by checking the virtues sought on the bottle:

  • Prefer a complex of essential oils relaxing with citrus and lavender if you're looking for essential oils synergies relaxation and relaxation.
  • If you are looking for a toning effect, turn to complexes of essential oils such as mint, lemongrass or grapefruit for example.
  • For a purifying effect for a complex of respiratory essential oils choose essential oils of eucalyptus, pine and cedar.

Warning: Essential oils are powerful remedies. Ask your doctor, naturopath or pharmacist for advice on how to use them.

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