COMPEED Patch of fever fever herpes labialis

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COMPEED Patch Fever Button box of 15 on sale in online pharmacy. The patches with the shape adapted for the lips are discrete and ultra flexible. They help with the rapid healing of cold sores and relieve itching. They also prevent the risk of viral contamination to cold sores.

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    The cold sore, which is an oral herpes affects mainly the edge of the lips indeed. But it can also be localized in the mouth, on the chin, a nostril or a cheek. Generally, characteristic signs precede the thrust: tingling , burning , itching . Less than 12 hours after these first symptoms, small vesicles appear in a bouquet. They will evolve drying up and give way to a crust. Once the button is gone, there is no scar.

    Description of Compeed Patch Fever Button Box of 15

    Compeed's cold sore patches are a new way to quickly treat cold sores with discretion . Efficacy has been clinically proven at all stages of cold sore development, from tingling to scarring .

    Its Hydrocolloid-075 particles treat the cold sore in a fast and invisible way and offer 7 benefits throughout the treatment.

    • Process quickly
    • Mask instantly
    • Relieves pain
    • Reduces redness and seepage
    • Soothes tingling, itching and burning
    • Decreases gall formation and helps prevent crust formation
    • Reduces the risk of contamination outside the wound

    Board of Use of Compeed Patch Fever Button Box of 15

    Patches should be used 24 hours a day until the lesion is healed. A patch comes off naturally after about 8 hours and needs to be replaced by a new patch.

    Composition of Compeed Patch Fever Button Box of 15

    Nanocolloid 075 (hydrocolloid nanoparticles).

    Precaution of use

    Do not use it in parallel with a cream because the patch may not hold in place and therefore not offer all the benefits of treatment.

    Presentation of Compeed Patch Fever Button Box of 15

    Box of 15 dressings.

    Our expert advice in pharmacy

    To reduce the discomfort and limit the risk of recurrence of cold sores, Dr. Jean-Louis Masson, author of Homeopathy from A to Z, proposes:

    Buy Compeed hydrocolloid dressings in your bio pharmacy online at the best price

    By creating an environment that promotes rapid wound healing , COMPEED® Bulbs offer superior healing capabilities and faster pain relief than conventional wound dressings. Order our new range of body care dressings in your online pharmacy with the advice and opinions of our pharmacy doctor.

    How do COMPEED hydrocolloid dressings work?

    COMPEED healing dressings promote moist wound healing and fit like a second skin on the wound.

    Hydrocolloid particles (hydrating and protective active gel) in the Compeed dressing absorb fluid secreted naturally by the wound during healing. The dressing forms a protective pad (white layer) over the injured tissue to relieve the pressure in a durable manner and thereby reduce pain due to wound friction.

    The pad protects the wound or wound and keeps it moist, without sticking to the wound. The outer layer of the dressing consists of a semi-occlusive polyurethane film that allows excess fluid to evaporate outward and retains only the fluid required for complete healing of the wound.

    COMPEED® creates the optimal conditions for rapid healing of the blister and other types of wounds , irritations or skin wounds .

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