Dog Coat Biocatonic 76 tablets on sale in our pharmacy bio, is a dietary supplement for a good general condition and beauty of the coat.

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    Description Biocatonic 76 tablets Dog Coat


    Dog Coat Biocatonic 76 tablets may be used alone or incorporated into food because its taste is very popular with animals. It combines the favorable nutrients in a good condition, healthy skin and peeling provided and polished: Lipotropic factors affecting the liver, sulfur amino acids, linoleic acid, vitamins A, E, B2, B6, PP, B8, and trace elements (zinc, copper, iron and iodine).
    Dog Coat Biocatonic 76 tablets food intake balance of animals fed with commercial feed dry or canned.


    Using advice from Biocatonic 76 tablets Dog Coat


    Give every day for at least four weeks:
    - During growth for dogs fed on processed foods (dried whole foods or canned): 1 tablet per 10 kg.
    - For the beauty of the coat: poor appearance of the hair, preparing exhibitions, maintenance of the beauty of the coat, moved or difficult off-season, discoloration or peeling of the nose: 1 tablet per 5 kg.
    - To enrich the diet when the nutritional needs increase (maternity, lactation, intensive work period): 1 tablet per 10 kg.
    - To complement the industrial foods (dried whole foods or canned): 1 tablet per 10 kg.


    Dog Coat Biocatonic composition of 76 tablets


    Calcium Carbonate, Lecithin crude soy, meat meal (pork), Saccharomyces cerevisiae of yeasts and similar products, Corn starch.

    Analytical constituents:
    Crude Protein: 21.9% Crude fat 14.9% Crude ash: 41.4%, Crude fibers, Humidity: 2,8% Ash insoluble in HCl: 11.7% Calcium: 8 3% Phosphorus: 6.7%.

    Vitamin A: 333 000 IU / kg vitamin B1: 42 mg / kg vitamin B2: 467 mg / kg, Vitamin B5: 1 933 mg / kg, Vitamin B6: 84mg / kg, vitamin B8: 208 mg / kg, vitamin B9: 4 mg / kg, Vitamin B12: 417 mg / kg vitamin E: 6667 mg / kg vitamin PP: 2500 mg / kg.

    Amino acid :
    Methionine: 66 667 mg / kg

    Trace elements:
    Copper 8 mg / kg
    Iron: 209 mg / kg
    Iodine: 7 mg / kg
    Zinc: 3284 mg / kg


    Precaution of use


    The traditional family foods (meat, cereals and vegetables) generally do not require the same type of supplement: Best used BIOCAJUNIOR DOG VITALITY-GROWTH.
    In older dogs and in cats, the needs are different and we recommend using products designed especially for them:
    - Older Dogs: Biocatonic Senior Dog.
    - Cats: Biocajunior Vitality Growth-Chat.
    Before administering a dietary supplement, deworming animals to eliminate intestinal worms.


    Introducing Biocatonic 76 tablets Dog Coat


    Box 76 tablets.

    Cat Dog Coat: Find the best quality veterinary products to treat the coat of your pet and the best price. Natural products for the well-being of your animals.

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