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The new clip parakito Grey mosquito can be clipped to a belt, a bag, a stroller or other equipment. Para'Kito The clip uses the same refills as mosquito bracelet Para'Kito.

Para Kito clip comes with 2 refills Para'Kito to 2 times 15 days of protection.

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    Parakito CLIP GREY mosquito repellent with essential oils

    FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Para'Kito ™ suitable for pregnant women, young children and is recommended for people prone to skin allergies or irritations: Para'Kito ™ contains no chemicals and the wafer is not in contact with the skin.

    DAY NIGHT AS: Para'Kito ™ with your device, take a deep sleep without being disturbed by the effects of mosquito bites. Keep your clip next to you at night. Enjoy your activities throughout the day without worrying about the effects of mosquito bites. Your Para'Kito ™ device is lightweight, water-resistant.

    Clip description parakito gray anti mosquito

    Para'Kito is equipment to mosquito repellent sight. Refills pads are also sold separately, but must be used exclusively with ParaKito equipment. Long lasting protection against mosquitoes. The effectiveness of Para'Kito clips comes from essential oils to refill pads. Insert the active wafer into the clip assure you 15 days of protection for all your activities. Practical, aesthetic, for the whole family, lesclips Para'Kito are available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

    • Once the wafer introduced in the bracelet mosquitoes are repelled by the diffusion of essential oils 100% natural
    • Family Friendly (no DEET)
    • Rechargeable and waterproof (so can be used at the beach or pool)
    • Efficiency: 15 days protection plate
    • Strap: Lightweight. Can be worn on a backpack and stroller bag
    • Patented: Worldwide
    • Made in France

    Using advice and opinion on parakito gray clip

    Open the protective bag and insert the plate under the protective net Para'Kito clip. Attach the clip to your belt, backpack, in the stroller ...

    Para'Kito is usable in all regions, tropical and temperate. - Do not release to follow the recommendations of health authorities in risk area. When used in infested area, it is recommended to wear two bracelets, one ankle and one on the opposite wrist. Duration of use per wafer: the active wafer ensures continuous protection for more than 15 days after opening the protective bag, its effectiveness and persistence have been tested scientifically *.

    CLIP easily attaches to a bag to a belt or other equipment using a carabiner.

    Change the plate every 15 days.

    Learn about the different biting insects of the family of mosquitoes

    The Culex mosquito

    Culex mosquitoes are the mosquitoes prevalent in France. There are many species Culex pipiens mosquito or common that we all know.

    Most Culex subspecies prefer to bite birds to humans or other mammals. They are often considered less dangerous than Anopheles and Aedes mosquitoes. However, they can spread serious diseases such as West Nile fever or Japanese encephalitis.

    Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus)

    There are about 260 species of Aedes mosquitoes on the planet. The Aedes mosquito takes its name from ancient Greek, meaning "unpleasant", and which is justified by the very strong nuisance entailed this kind of aggressive mosquito and painful sting.

    Anopheles mosquitoes

    Of the 3500 species of mosquitoes existing, there are about 430 species of Anopheles. Dreaded, the mosquito Anopheles mosquito is capable of transmitting malaria.


    Sand flies are very small insects that look like little gnats. They can transmit serious diseases.

    Clip composition parakito repellent mosquito repellent essential oils gray

    Open the protective bag and insert the plate under the protective net of the bracelet Para'Kito (side containing the outward-facing plate).
    The Para'Kito clip can be put on any other fixed support (bedside table, bed size, ...) or mobile (backpack, belt, baby carrier, ...) thanks to its snap fastener. If necessary, between operations, the bracelet and the plate can be placed in the packaging provided. The clip and the wafer are waterproof; the efficiency of the wafer is not affected by the passage in the water.

    CLIP MOSQUITO contains:

    • 7 Essential Oils
      • They are all of vegetable origin and will create effective protection against mosquitoes and their bites. This formula free from all traces of chemicals enables pregnant women, small children or people allergic to be effectively protected without any health risk. They are encapsulated in polymers allowing an action for 15 days and water resistant.
    • A Rechargeable System
      • Each clip or strap recharges every 15 days by inserting a new plate: nothing simpler.

    Use caution with gray clip parakito

    The mosquito clip and Para'Kito plate suitable for the whole family. DEET-free and alcohol-free, the plate can be used by children; however, careful not to let the reach of children under 36 months to avoid the risk of sucking or swallowing.

    Parakito gray clip presentation

    1 parakito gray clip

    Comes with 2 refills therefore 30 days of protection

    Rechargeable (refill sold separately)

    Water-resistant waterproof

    Usable in all geographical areas

    Tested scientifically for 30 days

    Dimensions: 10 cm x 4 cm

    Made in France

    Our expert advice in pharmacy

    CLIP MOSQUITO is perfect for effective protection with 100% natural formula the whole family!

    Clip anti mosquito Care Pharmacy and Nature: Find a selection of anti-mosquito products to protect you during this summer.

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