Paranix Fort lice and nits Kit + shampoo spray pest environment

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Treating Lice Nits Kit Paranix Fort and Environment includes:
-the Paranix Fort shampoo for removing lice and nits (easy to use and odorless)
-the Paranix Fort Environment Pest spray to treat lice on clothing, bed or other items that may be infested.

Removes lice and nits without insecticide New odorless.

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    Paranix Fort Kit Sensitive Treating Lice Nits And Environment

    Treating Lice Nits Kit Paranix Fort and Environment is a comprehensive anti-lice kit to treat head lice and nits in the hair and in the environment (bed, plush toys, clothing ...). The price is economical.

    Kit description Paranix Fort treating lice and nits Environment

    - Paranix Fort shampoo for removing lice and nits (easy to apply and odorless)
    - Spray Paranix Fort Environment pest to treat lice on clothing, bed, or other elements that may be infested.

    - The metal comb Paranix Fort

    Removes lice and nits without insecticide New odorless.

    Indication kit Paranix Fort treating lice and nits Environment

    Paranix Fort is a complete treatment against lice that includes a shampoo to get rid of lice adults and a specially designed comb to remove nits. Clinically tested.

    Its unique dual action formula with Cyclophtirine eliminates lice at all stages of their life cycle: egg to adult or slow through the larva.

    It asphyxia and dehydrated lice and nits. The formula diffuses to slow to stop the development. There is no resistance to this lotion Paranix Fort sensitive since it is only a mechanical effect.
    The Paranix Fort comb allows efficient removal of nits.

    Use the shampoo Paranix Fort lice and nits advice

    Combing the hair of your child dry with a fine comb. Check a presence at the hairline. Also check the area of the neck of your child as well as behind the ears. Wick after wick, clean the comb in warm soapy water to prevent reinfestation.
    Apply Paranix Fort Lice Treatment Shampoo. Apply to SEC sufficient Paranix Fort treatment shampoo evenly throughout the hair. While massaging from roots to ends paying special attention to the neck and behind the ears. Be sure to cover all the hair and scalp. Leave on for 10 minutes. This is binding as to the effectiveness of treatment.
    Wash your child's hair. Add to the hair a sufficient amount of water to lather the product. Wash and rinse the entire head of hair. Make sure that you have all flushed.
    Remove lice and nits with the comb lice. Before drying your hair, divide the hair into 4 parts. Start with one part and paint it entirely with the lice comb to get Paranix Fort lice and nits. Clean the comb after each strand to prevent reinfestation.
    Repeat treatment after 7 days. After 7 days, repeat the treatment in its entirety to ensure that the cycle of the louse is completely broken. All nits that might have hatched since the first treatment will be eliminated.

    Precautions spray Paranix Fort environment

    Do not use in children under 6 months. After each use of Paranix Fort comb, rinse thoroughly and check the total disappearance of lice and nits on the surface of the comb.

    Paranix Fort Environment treats head lice and nits in the environment (bed, plush toys, clothing ...).

    This pesticide pyrethroid (Bifenthrin) can handle without the stain, clothing and bedding in case of infestation by lice and nits. This product is the necessary complement to the treatment of pediculosis, by avoiding the phenomena of recontamination.
    Lice can survive up to two days out of the hair, so in parallel with an anti-lice scalp treatment, it is essential to treat the environment.

    Washing clothes, sheets, pillowcases, bath linen at a temperature of at least 60 ° is required. Paranix Fort Environment will treat bedding, chairs, helmets, combs ... and all the clothes can not be washed at 60 °.

    Manual Spray Environment Paranix Fort

    Spray directly on objects that may have been in contact with lice (bedding, combs, stuffed chair, helmets ...) taking the aerosol to 30 see 40 cm of articles to be treated. Proceed by short presses without prolonged spraying. Wash at high temperature (60 ° C) all linen, sheets, clothing supporting this temperature.

    Precautions Spray Environment Paranix Fort

    The spray should not be performed on an asthmatic subject or in his presence. Do not spray directly on the head. The treated bedding should not be reused within 12 hours of application. Use the product only in well-ventilated areas. Vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness. Do not spray near a tank. Produces highly flammable. Keep out of reach of children.

    Composition Paranix Fort treatment shampoo with Lice Comb

    Without insecticide.
    Mineral oil, foaming agents, perfume.

    Packaging Kit Paranix Fort treating lice and nits Environment

    200 ml bottle + comb, cardboard box.

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    Eliminate lice and nits in the hair

    Every year, in September, it's the same story with the proliferation of head lice on our children's heads. The infestation of lice and nits is not due to a lack of hygiene on the part of our children. Promiscuity and community living are the two main factors that favor contamination. Lice do not pose a health hazard, but trigger unpleasant feelings of itching.

    Itching and scratching of the head are the first signs of infestation. Lice are usually localized:

    • At the edge of the hair;
    • At the base of the neck;
    • Behind the ears.

    To choose a suitable treatment to eliminate lice , you have to understand the life cycle of lice and nits. First, the nits, which resemble oval eggs of gray or yellowish color, the size of a grain of sand, are attached to the hair near the scalp. Nits hatch after 7 to 10 days and give way to nymphs . The latter resemble adult lice, in smaller ones. Then the nymphs take their form of adult lice seven days after hatching, lay eggs again.

    Choosing the right anti lice treatment in pharmacy

    The treatment of lice has a dual purpose: it must both eliminate nits (lenticidal treatment) and lice (pediculicide treatment). For this, there is the chemical method with the antiparasitic treatments and the mechanical method by asphyxia.

    Anti-parasitic lice treatments

    The anti-parasitic anti-lice treatments found in anti-parasitic shampoos should not be used alone but with an additional anti-lice lotion.

    Use: For example with Apasiyl lice lotion , apply the pest control lotion , and wash with warm water sheets, pillowcases, cups, clothes, soft toys, as well as any object that has been in contact with them. parasites.

    • Cover the shoulders with a towel and protect the eyes for the duration of application.
    • Apply on dry hair, not to mention the nape and back of the ears. massage the hair to soak the lotion without adding water.
    • Leave to act for 1 hour in the open air. simply rinse the hair without extra shampoo and comb to remove dead lice and nits using the included comb.

    Asphyxiant lice treatments

    Asphyxiant lice treatment by their mechanical action is not toxic. The louse has small openings on the abdomen that allow it to perform its gaseous and watery exchanges with the outside (unlike our skin, its thick shell does not allow it without its orifices). Nits have the same type of orifices at its end, called micropyles.

    Lotions and ointments exist to cover all the hair, line by line. According to the dermatologist, this is the least aggressive method. But beware, lice can survive eight hours without oxygen, to be effective, so keep the application all night.

    Natural lice treatments

    The coconut oil is a very fine vegetable oil happens to leak into the respiratory orifices of lice eventually suffocate. The louse is able to close its pores in the water for example and can survive 24h. On the other hand, the coconut oil closes the respiratory openings, so the lung dies quickly.

    On the same principle as coconut oil, green clay will trap the louse and asphyxiate it and also soothe the itching of the scalp.

    Aromatherapy is one of the most effective natural cures for lice.

    - Tea Tree essential oil has repulsive active ingredients that remove and eliminate lice . It has molecules of the family monoterpene alcohols (such as linalool), which has this property pest control. The tea tree essential oil will therefore act by penetrating the cells of the louse, which will alter the cell membranes and intracellular components of the parasite.

    - The essential oil of Lavandin Super contains Linalol as well as camphor (up to 5%) which is a natural parasiticide of the most powerful.

    The anti-lice comb to finalize the treatment: Pass the wick comb by wick, preferably on wet hair. Clean it at each pass to remove lice and nits that clung to it

    Your pharmacist's advice

    As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, the best way to fight against lice is to protect yourself!

    For this, we recommend that you wash the hair with your children s hampoing natural lice once a week. The natural active ingredients will protect your children from a possible infestation. You can even complete the action with a conditioner anti-lice that will have the advantage of strengthening the protection and also detangle the hair, ideal for little girls or little boys with long hair!

    In the event of a declared outbreak, immediately draw your natural anti-lice lotion . Once a week for 3 weeks, apply the lotion on the roots of your child to let it act before doing an anti-lice shampoo.

    Also remember to treat your bed linen , with a lice spray specially designed to treat your environment . These little beasts do not just stay on our head, they love cozy places like our pillow or our couch to come to bask and lay their eggs. A louse can lay up to 10 nits a day, or 300 nits during his life of adult louse, imagine then the nest that can be in our cushions and our bed!

    Find the best brands of anti-lice products! Apaisyl , Pranapoux , Puressentiel , Pouxit , Elimax , ... lotions, sprays, shampoos, repellents in our online pharmacy Bio .

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