OMRON Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor RS3

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OMRON Blood pressure monitor RS3 blood pressure measurement in our pharmacy bio, Comment on advice for use and dosage with our partner Avis checked after your purchase.

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    OMRON Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor RS3

    The Omron RS3 Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor comes from the latest generation of Omron auto-tensiometers. Its design has been particularly worked to obtain an extra-fine product, which is quite exceptional for this type of blood pressure equipment wrist .

    Description of OMRON RS3 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor for Blood Pressure Measurement

    The Omron RS3 autopygmomanometer takes all the technological advances of previous generations and in particular those of the best-selling Omron R3V2 blood pressure monitor in the class, it benefits from the Intellisense system which automatically regulates the inflation pressure for a more blood pressure test. comfortable, it checks its correct positioning on the wrist and detects unwanted movements; this list is not exhaustive, you can find below the main advantages of this auto-tensiometer.

    Advice for use and dosage

    Take your blood pressure with the Omron RS3 blood pressure monitor

    1st step of taking blood pressure: It is important to respect certain rules:

    • Observe 5 minutes rest in the sitting position (position that you will keep during the taking of tension) before making the first measurement.
    • Being in a calm environment (no television, no radio).
    • Do not smoke during rest and measurement periods.

    2nd step of the measurement of the cardiac tension:

    • Position: Sitting on a chair, feet resting flat on the floor.
    • Place the Omron RS3 monitor strap on your left wrist and position your wrist at your heart.
    • Hold your left arm with your right arm.
    • Be careful not to place your right hand on the bracelet.

    3rd step : Once the appropriate position is adopted, the rest made and the apparatus positioned; you can begin to take the measure of your tension.

    • Stay calm and relaxed while inflating and deflating the Omron RS3 Blood Pressure Cuff.
    • Wait 1 to 2 minutes between each measurement.

    4th step : The reading of the result is very simple, the first number corresponds to the systolic pressure and the contraction of the heart, the second corresponds to the diastolic pressure and relaxation of the heart. So for a first figure at 120mmHg and a second at 80mmHg, we talk about a voltage of 12/8.

    Comment on usage tips and dosage of OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor RS3 Blood Pressure Measurement with our partner Avis checked after your purchase.

    Technical specifications of the OMRON RS3 autosensor

    The Omron RS3 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is equipped with the Intellisense system: Measurement during inflation for a comfortable and fast measurement.
    New to its predecessor the R3 V2: The Omron RS3 confirms the correct winding of the cuff on the wrist with the symbol "OK" on the dial.
    Single button use.
    Simultaneous display of all systole, diastole and pulse values.
    Display using a bar graph of non-standard values according to WHO.
    The Omron RS3 blood pressure monitor detects irregular heartbeat, and unwanted body movements with an indication on the screen for each parameter if a problem is found.
    60 memorized inputs with indication of the date and time of the power take-off.
    The Omron RS3 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is designed for a wrist width of 13.5 to 21.5 cm.
    Automatic average of the last 3 measurements taken - ADS.
    Large LCD display easy to read.

    Precaution of use

    The blood pressure results from two pressures, the systolic pressure and the diastolic pressure. It is necessary for one's health to measure one's blood pressure regularly, especially when one is diabetic. Indeed, many of them suffer from high blood pressure. Measuring their tension helps to prevent complications.

    Introducing OMRON Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor RS3 Blood Pressure Measurement

    The Omron RS3 blood pressure monitor comes with a rigid storage case.
    2 AAA batteries included.
    This auto-tensiometer is a medical device that benefits from clinical validation.
    The Omron RS3 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is guaranteed for 3 years, except for the cuff.

    Our advice and expert advice in pharmacy

    The sphygmomanometer with psychophysical status indicator is ideal for hypertensives who wish to be guided to the extent of their pressure.

    Omron RS3 electronic wrist auto-tension meter: All-new Omron manufacturer with its large screen, simultaneous display of all Systole and Pulse values. Detection of irregular pulsations.

    The state of rest indicator allows the hypertensive to know if the measurement was taken in a good state of psychophysical rest necessary for a correct reading of pressure values. Equipped with an indicator of hypertension and an extra large display for easy reading pressure values.

    Taking care of yourself is also keeping an eye on your health . Regular monitoring of your blood pressure is essential if you want to detect in time and treat these diseases effectively. The voltage tap with an electronic tensiometer is based on the oscillometric method. This method uses the analysis of oscillations of the arterial wall.

    Blood pressure reflects the blood pressure in the arteries . It is expressed by two numbers: The first digit (the highest), corresponds to the systolic pressure , that is to say to the pressure of the blood when the heart contracts and empties. The second digit, (the weakest), is the diastolic pressure , that is, the blood pressure when the heart relaxes and fills up.
    Blood pressure is not fixed, but varies continuously. It increases with the effort, particularly strong emotions but goes down to rest or night. Blood pressure is generally considered "normal" if it is less than 140 mm of mercury for systolic blood pressure and less than 90 mm of mercury for diastolic blood pressure . We talk about high blood pressure when the blood pressure in the arteries is regularly too high. Several tests, at rest, are necessary to diagnose hypertension, because there is a borderline zone between normal blood pressure and true hypertension, which may correspond to either early hypertension or simply reflect the variability of blood pressure.

    Discover our tensiometer range in the Medical Equipment department of your care-and-nature pharmacy.

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