Sphygmomanometer wrist automatic electric CardioFree


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Sphygmomanometer wrist automatic electric CardioFree: blood pressure monitor Fully automatic wrist for hypertensive who want to preserve their way of life freely.

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    Sphygmomanometer wrist automatic electric CardioFree

    Sphygmomanometer wrist automatic electric CardioFree: blood pressure monitor Fully automatic wrist for hypertensive who want to preserve their way of life freely.

    Description tensiometre electric wrist CardioFree

    Blood pressure fully automatic compact and easy to read wrist.

    The particular shape of the display has been designed to facilitate proper positioning during measurement, essential for it to be precise: the display is readable only if the wrist is at the correct height.

    Presentation of electric sphygmomanometer wrist CardioFree

    With a single button for ease of use. 90 storable measurements.

    Can be calibrated. With convenient carrying bag.

    Warranty 5 clinical ans.Validation according to the ESH International Protocol.

    Our expert advice in pharmacies on the monitor CardioFree

    Manufacture controlled by the EEC in ITALY standards.

    PIC is the leading European manufacturer of medical devices and equipment.

    Pic Solution sphygmomanometers are medical devices conforming to European Directive 93/42 which regulates medical electronic devices.

    Devices Pic Solution are clinically validated according to the SP Protocol 10 written by the AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation), an operational American association since 1967 that creates reference standards guaranteeing high levels of reliability and accuracy under electromedical. They have also been very successful testing of the severe international protocol of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH), who said that our instruments have a high level of accuracy and can be recommended for clinical use and at home.

    How to measure blood pressure correctly?

    Our pharmacist advice for measuring blood pressure just
    Always measure blood pressure at the same time. As each of us has about 100 000 different blood pressure levels every day, the individual measures have no validity. Only regular measurements to the same times of the day over a long period, allow a meaningful assessment of the blood pressure.
    Do not consume nicotine and coffee in the hour before measuring your blood pressure at home or pharmacy.
    After a rest period of 5 to 10 minutes, measure your arteriell pressure while sitting.
    Do not measure blood pressure when you feel an urge to urinate. A full bladder may cause an increase in blood pressure of approx. 10 mm Hg.
    Before measuring blood pressure, read the manual of the monitor. The correct use of blood pressure ensures the quality of measurements and provides accurate results.
    When using a wrist blood pressure monitor, keep the wrist at heart level during measurement. When using an arm measurement device, the upper arm is automatically to the correct height.
    During the measurement, do not speak and do not move. Speaking increases of approx values. 6-7 mm Hg.
    Wait at least 1 minute between two measurements that the ships are no longer under pressure when the new measure.
    Note the values in a notebook measures: Always write the measured values and the medications taken and the date and time of measurement.
    Measure your blood pressure regularly. Even if your values have improved, you should keep your blood pressure under control.

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