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BIOLIFE CHLORELLA BIO, u Micro Algae to Maxi Benefits: chelator of heavy metals, Régérateur cells, rich in bioavailable iron

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contains: Chlorella, bioavailable iron

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Micro Algae to Maxi Benefits: chelator of heavy metals, Régérateur cells, rich in bioavailable iron

Very popular in Japan, where it is classified as 'food interest Genera l', chlorella is a micro freshwater algae known for its richness in protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and chlorophyll. Wealth that translates into very different benefits, including the revitalization and renewal of tone but also the stimulation of natural defenses, sanitation of the intestinal flora, supporting good circulation, cell regeneration, and These are just a few examples.
Rich in chlorophyll and vitamin B12


Bio Chlorella 500 tablets 200 - Be-Life
Chlorella is appreciated for its rich variety of nutrients minerals, vitamins, fiber and chlorophyll is useful for:

  • Enhance the vitality
  • Naturally rich in bioavailable iron
  • Regenerate cells
  • Balancing transit
  • Improve digestion
  • Chelate heavy metals

Directions for use and dosage

It is recommended to start treatment of Chlorella by one or two tablet (s) per day and gradually increase to the desired dose. This dose (10 to 15 tablets per day) is reached on average in ten days.

Take Chlorella vulgaris Echlorial two or three times according to his convenience, preferably before meals with a large glass of water.


A daily dose of 2 to 5 g (10 to 15 tablets Chlorella daily) significantly positive effect on the quality of life.


It is possible to give powder or tablets crushed to children.

The amounts are adjusted to the weight of the child in proportion recommendations for adults (ie for example, for a child of 20 kg the amount is about 1 g or 3 tablets crushed).

Composition of BIOLIFE CHLORELLA BIO 500 200 TABS

Active components:
Chlorella 500 mg
* DE-ÖKO-001 - non-EU Agriculture

Provenance: India

Precaution of use

Chlorella is rich in bioavailable iron, so it is recommended not to take tea with Chlorella because the tea inhibits iron absorption.

In addition to taking tablets, the use of chlorella powder in the kitchen is very important especially if you eat the fish. It is advisable to incorporate it at a low temperature (below 60 ° C) not to lose the benefits of vitamins.

Possible intestinal disturbances may be experienced the first days:

Indeed, Chlorella will immediately stimulate intestinal activity. Thus, a slight disruption, with possible bloating may occur the first few days.


Jar (in biodegradable and recyclable cardboard, recyclable plastic lid) 200 tablets.

Our Pharmacy expert advice

Taking Chlorella may show symptoms related to the removal of heavy metals (headache, depressed mood, pain in the limbs, numbness, dizziness, tremors, etc.). It is advisable to increase the dose of Chlorella until symptoms (up to 15 to 30 tablets 4 times a day, repeated at intervals of 8 to 10 days.

The rapid increase in the amount of Chlorella will accelerate the elimination of toxic products it caused the "recirculation" and so reduce symptoms.

then gradually reduce the doses and intervals until normal daily.

Bio-Life is installed company in Belgium and specializes in the development of natural food supplements and herbal extracts for welfare. Bio-Life became REFERENCE orthomolecular nutrition and eumétabolique in Europe. Range distributed as the be-Life®. Bio-life develops all its products in environmental and qualitative approach. The health and well-being for all in respect for people and the environment are at the heart of ethics Bio-Life. Raw materials are carefully selected, manufacture of high-tech products are tested and Bio-Life guarantees maximum efficiency.

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Our laboratory manufacturer shall ensure the traceability of Be-Life products and carries out checks throughout the manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished products. These raw materials are not subject to any genetic manipulation. When selecting our producers and suppliers, we provide also always great attention to quality and respect for the environment by favoring, for example, plants from organic farming. In addition, our products undergo regular monitoring of bodies delivering labels of quality and respect for the environment. These checks are carried out by independent laboratories. The products of the Be-Life range and display different labels that guarantee biological, biodynamic origin, non-GMO contamination, sustainable development, controlled harvesting and fishing, respect for the environment, Fair trade, …

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