BIOLIFE CHLORELLA BIO, u Micro Algae to Maxi Benefits: chelator of heavy metals, Régérateur cells, rich in bioavailable iron

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contains: Chlorella, bioavailable iron, Chlorella, bioassimilable iron

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Micro Algae to Maxi Benefits: chelator of heavy metals, Régérateur cells, rich in bioavailable iron

Very popular in Japan, where it is classified as 'food interest Genera l', chlorella is a micro freshwater algae known for its richness in protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and chlorophyll. Wealth that translates into very different benefits, including the revitalization and renewal of tone but also the stimulation of natural defenses, sanitation of the intestinal flora, supporting good circulation, cell regeneration, and These are just a few examples.
Rich in chlorophyll and vitamin B12


Bio Chlorella 500 tablets 200 - Be-Life
Chlorella is appreciated for its rich variety of nutrients minerals, vitamins, fiber and chlorophyll is useful for:

  • Enhance the vitality
  • Naturally rich in bioavailable iron
  • Regenerate cells
  • Balancing transit
  • Improve digestion
  • Chelate heavy metals

Directions for use and dosage

It is recommended to start treatment of Chlorella by one or two tablet (s) per day and gradually increase to the desired dose. This dose (10 to 15 tablets per day) is reached on average in ten days.

Take Chlorella vulgaris Echlorial two or three times according to his convenience, preferably before meals with a large glass of water.


A daily dose of 2 to 5 g (10 to 15 tablets Chlorella daily) significantly positive effect on the quality of life.


It is possible to give powder or tablets crushed to children.

The amounts are adjusted to the weight of the child in proportion recommendations for adults (ie for example, for a child of 20 kg the amount is about 1 g or 3 tablets crushed).

Composition of BIOLIFE CHLORELLA BIO 500 200 TABS

Active components:
Chlorella 500 mg
* DE-ÖKO-001 - non-EU Agriculture

Provenance: India

Precaution of use

Chlorella is rich in bioavailable iron, so it is recommended not to take tea with Chlorella because the tea inhibits iron absorption.

In addition to taking tablets, the use of chlorella powder in the kitchen is very important especially if you eat the fish. It is advisable to incorporate it at a low temperature (below 60 ° C) not to lose the benefits of vitamins.

Possible intestinal disturbances may be experienced the first days:

Indeed, Chlorella will immediately stimulate intestinal activity. Thus, a slight disruption, with possible bloating may occur the first few days.


Jar (in biodegradable and recyclable cardboard, recyclable plastic lid) 200 tablets.

Our Pharmacy expert advice

Taking Chlorella may show symptoms related to the removal of heavy metals (headache, depressed mood, pain in the limbs, numbness, dizziness, tremors, etc.). It is advisable to increase the dose of Chlorella until symptoms (up to 15 to 30 tablets 4 times a day, repeated at intervals of 8 to 10 days.

The rapid increase in the amount of Chlorella will accelerate the elimination of toxic products it caused the "recirculation" and so reduce symptoms.

then gradually reduce the doses and intervals until normal daily.

Bio-Life is installed company in Belgium and specializes in the development of natural food supplements and herbal extracts for welfare. Bio-Life became REFERENCE orthomolecular nutrition and eumétabolique in Europe. Range distributed as the be-Life®. Bio-life develops all its products in environmental and qualitative approach. The health and well-being for all in respect for people and the environment are at the heart of ethics Bio-Life. Raw materials are carefully selected, manufacture of high-tech products are tested and Bio-Life guarantees maximum efficiency.

Be-Life Range

Be-Life, an ally of your well-being

Nature is full of minerals, fruits, plants and various elements rich in substances that not only nourish our organism and enable it to fulfill all its vital functions, but also possess curative properties that have been exploited since the dawn of time 'humanity.

Recent decades have emphasized the importance of a healthy and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle to preserve one's health and well-being in general. Many ailments and dysfunctions of our organism find indeed a favorable ground for their development in the deficits and nutritional imbalances.

However, these are common nowadays because of the pace of modern life which does not facilitate the consumption of varied and balanced meals on a daily basis, but also because of the quality of the food we are offered: refined food And therefore nutrient-depleted, industrially grown and / or processed, poorly balanced prepared foods, etc.

How can we ensure that our body has the required intake of minerals, vitamins and trace elements?

Orthomolecular nutrition, a response to our nutritional imbalances

This brings us to the principle of "orthomolecular" nutrition. A term we owe to Professor Linus Pauling, a great physicist, twice winner of the Nobel Prize. Orthomolecular nutrition consists in offering each person an effective correction to his deficiencies and excesses, depending in particular on his age, his activities, his way of life, and so on.

Alongside a diet that is as balanced and varied as possible, dietary supplements, correctly dosed and of natural origin, appear as a privileged means to guarantee to our organism the nutrients necessary for its maintenance or its fitness.

The Bio-Life laboratory is in line with orthomolecular medicine with its Be-Life range,

Dietary supplements of natural origin and correctly dosed into minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, lactic ferments, regenerators, essential fatty acids or concentrated extracts of plants. These Be-Life products are suitable for all ages and, depending on their composition, can meet specific needs, providing nutrients that affect, for example, joints, memory, fatigue, digestion, system Cardio-vascular, etc. This is the result of more than thirty years of research carried out by the Bio-Life laboratory.

Be-Life is also a high concentration of assets.

Besides their ideal absorption by the body, the high content of active ingredients is of course another key asset of Be-Life products.

The case of our plant concentrates is particularly significant: each organic capsule contains dry extracts of plants in powder form. These plants, which always come from a healthy environment, preserved from pollution, have been selected for their nutritional richness. The natural process used to get the extracts preserves all of this nutritional richness, but in a much more active form and therefore much more effective. Therefore, the active ingredient content of our optimized plant extracts can be 2 to 25 times higher than that of the original plant: a good guarantee of effectiveness.

That said, we sometimes offer dietary supplements to similar or similar formulas, except that they differ in their concentration of active ingredients. The aim is to offer a product adapted to the different needs, in particular depending on the age or the simultaneous consumption of other products. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to ask your therapist for advice.

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