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RELAXING BATH LAVENDER 200ML WELEDA sale in our baby area - Maternity: The relaxing lavender bath 200ml weleda focuses sunny scents of lavender finest Mediterranean regions.

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    WELEDA RELAXING BATH 200ML LAVENDER: I t focuses sunny scents of lavender finest Mediterranean regions.

    The essential oil of lavender, with soothing and calming fragrance exudes imbued with warmth, suitable to relieve tension and calm the agitation.

    Taken preferably in the evening, the relaxing lavender bath facilitates falling asleep, and benefit fully from a restful sleep.

    It is ideal for stressed people and restless children or nerveux.A both healing and soothing, the bath is a source of pleasure, a rare moment of relaxation, dreams and senses.

    Each bath combines the benefits of hydrotherapy and home aromatherapy with essential oils that have a beneficial effect on the whole body through the skin and smell.

    Without surfactants, Weleda baths do not foam to better respect the protective fat from the skin.


    Directions for use of LAVENDER RELAXING BATH 200ML WELEDA


    LAVENDER 200ML WELEDA RELAXING BATH: Pour 2-4 plugs Bath Essence into the already filled bathtub and stir a few seconds (do not put this product too early in the water because it is rich in volatile essential oil).

    Relaxing Bath Lavender can also be used in the shower, in a few drops on a wet washcloth, but also foot bath.

    Non-foaming, it can be caught in a whirlpool.

    Out of the bath, extend the relaxing effect of lavender and nourish the skin to protect it from drying out by applying the relaxing oil Weleda Lavender.

    To enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy at home, you just know a few simple rules about art bath:

    The preparation

    To enjoy the benefits of the bath, even if you have little time, give yourself a time good to you: quiet, without letting you bothered by the noise, having disconnected the phone.

    Subdued lighting and soft music promote a harmonious atmosphere. The temperature of the bathroom should be enjoyable (at least 21 ° C). To sit more comfortably in your bathtub, you can place an inflatable cushion or rolled towel under the neck. Before you slip into the bath, pour 2-4 caps Essence Bath Weleda in water and stir briefly. In the case of relaxing bath in chestnut, pour the product under the jet before the end of filling the bathtub, to facilitate its dispersion in water.

    Bath temperature

    To relax and soothe a bath should not be too hot: ideally between 35 ° C and 37 ° C, knowing that the important thing is to feel good. If necessary do you help a bath thermometer. People with circulatory disorders avoid hot baths (if necessary, consult your doctor).

    The bath

    The ideal length of a full bath to moderate heat for 15 to 20 minutes.

    While bathing

    The bath puts the body in weightlessness. It exerts an upward thrust on him that relieves the joints, muscles, tendons, spine ... During the bath, close your eyes, relax, concentrate on the sensation of being carried by the water and release the neck, shoulders, arms, legs ... Breathe in the scent of Bath Essences and chase your everyday concerns to better recharge.

    Out of the bath

    Gradually get out of the tub without precipitation. For a toning and firming effect, you can give yourself a cool shower a few seconds or spend a wet glove of fresh water on the arms, chest and legs.

    After you have dried, do not forget to apply a massage oil or Weleda care to restore the protective hydrolipidic film of the skin. Creating an invisible shell around the body, it extends the benefits of the bath.




    Water, lavender essential oil, toilet soap based on olive oil.

    INCI Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Potassium Olivate, Glyceryl Oleate, Limonene *, Linalool *, Geraniol *.




    200ml glass bottle.

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