Elixir 112 Emergency Dr Bach Inebios 10ml


Elixir 112 Emergency Dr Bach Inebios 10ml in our pharmacy bio. More traditional and diluted in biological cognac, as prepared Dr. Bach, a few drops of this elixir Emergency enough to rebalance a mood or a passing emotion.

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    Elixir 112 Emergency Dr Bach Inebios 10ml

    For all the distress sensations, nervousness, stress coming from or arriving, 112 emergency Inebios Elixir 10ml Bach is composed of:  

    - Lady eleven o'clock that helps to overcome trauma
    - Hélianthème to fight against panic,
    - The Impatient which reduces nervous tension,
    - Prunus to regain spirit tranqullité,
    - Clematis to avoid loss of consciousness

    Description 112 Emergency Bach Elixir 10ml Inebios

    More traditional and diluted in biological cognac, as Dr. Bach was preparing this emergency elixir presented drops will always be appreciated. Some connections will suffice to rebalance a mood or a passing emotion.


    Directions for use of 112 emergency Inebios Elixir 10ml Bach

    • For a fleeting emotion: 4 drops under the tongue to renew if necessary.
    • For a thorough treatment: 4 drops daily for 3 to 4 weeks.


    Composition 112 Emergency Bach Elixir 10ml Inebios

    Organic Cognac, biological aqueous infusions of: Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Clematis and Cherry Plum, diluted 1/240 °.

    112 Elixir Introducing Emergency Bach Inebios 10ml

    10ml vial

    Bach Flowers: Find the full range of Flowers of Doctor Bach, whose flower essences Rescue and original bach flower in your medicine bio online.


    Dr. Edward Bach (designer) has upgraded its design of conventional medicine. He was too focused on the symptom and not enough on the patient's personality. He understood that what causes the disease is an emotional imbalance. He discerned Flowers 38 corresponding to different emotional states of being able to repair the balance and inner harmony of the person. This module is based on a working knowledge of Bach Flowers to work professionally.

    Manufacturing process Bach flowers: Like homeopathy, floral therapy acts as a comprehensive therapy of the person. There are two manufacturing methods. The first is the solairee method. The wild flowers are picked and infused in spring water by the direct action of the sun, with a duration of 3 hours. The other method is by boiling. The flowers are collected using wild plants and then passes them to boil for 30 minutes.

    The Bach flower remedy with no side effects: Flower essences are without toxicity and side effect. They can be combined with medication. The baby, pregnant women, the elderly can also be used. It is a natural remedy that acts on the emotional states. Hey are also effective for animals

    38 Bach flowers with many virtues:


    Bach Flowers

    Emotions and negative feelings


    Feelings correctly staged

    1 - AGRIMONY Aigremoine

    Cache worries behind a jovial mask

    Agitation, spinal pain, intestinal disorders

    Accept its qualities and defects

    2 - ASPEN Aspen

    Fear or anxiety for no apparent reason

    Sexual dysfunction, sleep, dizziness, trembling.

    Self-confidence and sense of security

    3 - BEECH Beech

    Criticizes intolerance

    Constipation, hemorrhoids, joint pain

    Indulgence, tolerance

    4 - CENTAURY Centaurée

    Trouble saying no, always wants to please

    Constipation, hemorrhoids, joint pain

    Giving with wisdom and discernment

    5 - Cerato CERATO

    Doubt in his judgment

    Insomnia, dizziness, nervous disorders

    Reconnect with his inner certainty

    6 - CHERRY PLUM Prunus

    Fear of losing self-control and impulse

    Skin disorders and hepatic bile.

    Soothe and cool in all circumstances, lucidity

    7 - Chestnut Bud CHESTNUT BUD

    Repeats mistakes regardless of previous experiences

    Headaches, migraines, skin disorders.

    Understanding and integrating experiences

    8 - Chicory CHICORY

    Excessively protective, possessive, selfish

    Cough, sore throat, urinary disorders, bulimia.

    Gift of self

    9 - CLEMATIS Clematis

    Daydreaming, not engaged with the real

    Drowsiness, alternating bulimia, anorexia.

    Realistic, present, inspired

    10 - CRAB APPLE Crab Apple

    Poor self-image, sense of shame, dirtiness

    Fatigue, nausea, vomiting, skin disorders

    Accepting, purify his thoughts

    11 - ELM Elm

    Feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities

    Headache, dizziness, back pain, intestinal disorders.

    Efficient, knows let go

    12 - GENTIAN Gentian

    Easily discouraged, hesitant

    Depression, bone and joint problems.

    Confidence and perseverance

    13 - GORSE Gorse

    Hopelessness, pessimism

    Sallow complexion, dark circles, cough, tremor, palpitations.

    Faith, hope and certainty

    14 - HEATHER Heather

    Egocentric, does not like being alone, talkative to excess

    Sore throat, hoarseness, hypertension, hypochondria

    Altruism, listening to others

    15 - Holly HOLLY

    Hatred, envy, suspicion, anger

    Skin, intestinal, urinary disorders.

    Generous spirit, understanding, tolerant

    16 - Honeysuckle HONEYSUCKLE

    Nostalgia, "homesickness", regrets

    Pulmonary disorders, as conditions change.

    Living her this rich past

    17 - House HORNBEAM

    Lack of energy, fatigue before the daily

    Hypertension, arrhythmia, joint pains.

    Restart, leave, find his spirited

    18 - Impatiens Impatience

    Impatient, irritable

    Joint pain, hypertension, digestive disorders

    Relaxed, tolerant and gentle with others

    19 - LARCH Larch

    Lack of self confidence, sense of inferiority

    Headache dizziness, kidney and bladder problems and joint osteoarthritis.

    Determined, able, without fear of the result

    20 - Mimulus MIMULUS

    Defined things of fear, timidity

    Angina, heartburn, diarrhea

    Self-confidence, tranquility

    21 - Mustard MUSTARD

    Black sadness for no apparent reason

    Heartburn, loss of appetite, slow reflexes.

    Stability, internal peace, even-tempered

    22 - OAK Oak

    Continues to fight anyway

    Exhaustion, back pain, palpitations.

    Strength, patience and constancy, measurement

    23 - OLIVE Olivier

    Exhaustion, burnt

    Nausea, vomiting, drowsiness.

    Resourcing, found energy

    24 - PINE Scots Pine

    Guilt, feelings of being responsible for everything

    Diarrhea, constipation, heart and urinary disorders.

    Clear judgment, humility

    25 - RED Red Chestnut CHESTNUT

    Fear for others, fear the worst for them, "Mother Hen"

    Diarrhea, constipation, hypertension, palpitations, breathing problems.

    Confident in the experiences others

    26 - ROCK ROSE Hélianthème

    Terror, fear, panic, nightmares

    Diarrhea, shock, nervous disorders.

    Great courage, selflessness, strength of will

    27 - ROCK WATER Rock Water

    Hard with oneself, strict and rigid in its principles

    Chronic constipation, food and menstrual disorders.

    Granting each other the joy of living, keep a flexible mind

    28 - SCLERANTHUS Alene

    Indecision and difficulty in choosing between two options

    Diarrhea, constipation, sickness, sleep disorders.

    Resolution, ability to choose

    29 - STAR OF BETHLEHEM Star of Bethlehem

    Grief, sorrow, pain

    Nausea, vomiting, neuralgia, skin disorders.

    Opening to the comfort, inner peace

    30 - SWEET CHESTNUT Chestnut

    Feeling the brink

    Stomach pain, aging food peau.Troubles.

    Open to light, control emotions

    31 - Verbena VERVAIN

    Enthusiastic to excess, seeks to impose its beliefs

    Spinal pain, cough, skin problems.

    Moderation, "Being" rather than "Do"

    32 - VINE Vine

    Overbearing, inflexible

    High blood pressure, upset stomach, intestinal and bone and joint.

    Respect for others, wise authority and encouraging

    33 - WALNUT


    Need protection especially when major changes in his life

    Joint pain, high blood pressure, sleep disorders.

    Constance, sense of identity, protection

    34 - WATER VIOLET Violet Water

    Preference for solitude, proud, remote

    High blood pressure, bone and joint disorders, sleep disorders and appetite.

    Quietly put his abilities to serve others

    35 - WHITE White Chestnut CHESTNUT

    Invasive and unwanted ideas, concerns

    Nervous disorders, sexuality, and sleep. E

    Calm mind, constructive orientation of the thoughts

    36 - WILD OAT Wild oats

    Doubts on the right path to take in life

    Hepatobiliary disorders, menstrual and sexual

    Talent, ambition.

    37 - WILD ROSE Eglantine

    Resignation, apathy, passivity.

    Fatigue, memory loss, digestive disorders

    Dynamic, informed, enthusiastic.

    38 - Willow Willow

    Resentment, self-pity

    Bulimia, neuralgia, liver and gastric disorders.

    Recognize its responsibilities, show his humor.

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