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Fleurs de Bach ORIGINAL

Tell us your choice of Bach flowers in the "Personalization" and then register your Bach Original Flower mixture before adding the customized product to your shopping cart.

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    Compose your own custom blend of Bach Original Flower

    Choose up to 7 maximum of Bach flowers in the list below.

    Tell us your choice of Bach flowers in the "Personalization" and then save your input before adding this custom product to your shopping cart.

    Preparing Your Flower mix of Bach

    We prepare you for your custom blend according to the method of Dr. Bach with the Bach Original Flower

    Our plant preparation laboratory s medicinal (Pharmacy Mailloles Perpignan), approved by the regional health agency, is ISO 9001.

    Dosage and application advice

    Take 4 drops 4 times a day minimum for your mix to control your emotions and find serenity, harmony and inner peace.

    Elixirs customized preparations, which are made to be consumed within 30 days of receipt, are routinely made without the addition of alcohol.


    If you can not choose your flowers Bach alone or afraid to make mistakes, choose the "custom blend of Bach Flowers with advice"


    The 38 Bach Original Flower essences are used according to identified emotional states.


    Bach Flower mixture customized for the Discouragement and despair

    10 - Crab Apple (Crab Apple): Feelings of shame, dirt, physical or mental, poor self-image.

    11 - Elm (Orme): Feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities.

    19 - Larch (larch): Lacking confidence, resignation to failure, feelings of inferiority.

    22 - Oak (Oak): Workaholic, fight regardless.

    24 - Pine (Pinus Sylvestris): Guilt, remorse, feeling responsible for everything.

    29 - Star of Bethlehem (Star of Bethlehem): Fear, shock and accident, sudden bad news, grief, mourning.

    30 - Sweet Chestnut (Chestnut): Despair feeling of abandonment, reaching its limits, internal distress.

    38 - Willow (Willow): bitterness, feelings of injustice, resentment, self-pity.

    Bach Flower mixture personalized to reduce uncertainty

    05 - Cerato (Plumbago): To doubt his own judgment, seeks the advice of others before acting.

    12 - Gentian (Gentian): Doubt, despondency, easily depressed and discouraged.

    13 - Gorse (Gorse): Despair, pessimism, negativity.

    17 - Hornbeam (Charme): Tiredness, mental fatigue, lack of energy, difficulty starting.

    28 - Scleranthus (Awl): Uncertainty, indecision, hesitation, moody.

    36 - Wild Oat (Wild Oats): Uncertainty about the path to take in life, uncomfortable in the middle.

    Bach Flower mixture personalized fight against Solitude

    14 - Heather (Heather): Talkative talkative, centered on oneself, hate being alone.

    18 - Impatiens (Impatiens): Impatient, irritable, precipitation.

    34 - Water Violet (Violet Water): Proud, reserved, calm and asked, lonely, sometimes distant.

    Bach Flower mixture personalized against Fear

    02 - Aspen (Aspen): Fear vague and imprecise, apprehension, foreboding.

    06 - Cherry Plum (Prunier Myrobolan) Loss of emotional control, fear of loss of reason, violent rages.

    20 - Mimulus (Mimulus): Fear of things defined: black, death, fear of others, shyness, embarrassment.

    25 - Red Chestnut (Red Chestnut): exaggerated fears for others especially his family.

    26 - Rock Rose (Rock Rose): Terror, extreme fear, panic, nightmares.

    Bach Flower mixture customized for the lack of interest for the present

    07 - Chestnut Bud (Chestnut Bud): Repeating the same mistakes, learning difficulties.

    09 - Clématis (Clematis): Reverie, inattention, indifference, desire to escape from reality.

    16 - Honeysuckle (Honeysuckle): Nostalgia, talking about the past, homesickness, regrets.

    21 - Mustard (Mustard): Melancholy no apparent reason, dark thoughts.

    23 - Olive (Olivier): Total Exhaustion, everything becomes effortless.

    35 - White Chestnut (White Chestnut) Mental Ruminations, internalized conflicts concerns.

    37 - Wild Rose (Wild Rose): Resignation, fatalism, apathy, passivity.

    Bach Flower mixture personalized to reduce hypersensitivity against other

    01 - Agrimony (Agrimony): Cache worries behind his jovial mask.

    04 - Centaury (Centaurea): Lack of will, do not say no, always wants to please.

    15 - Holly (Holly): Hate, envy, jealousy, suspicion, anger, conflict, revolt.

    33 - Walnut (Walnut): Need protection especially when major changes.

    Bach Flower mixture customized to control its sensitivity to the experiences of others

    03 - Beech (Beech): Review, intolérantce, cynicism, arrogance severity.

    08 - Chicory (Chicory): possessive love, give to receive.

    27 - Rock Water (Rock Water): Hard to self, repressed, repressed, rigidity.

    31 - Vervain (Vervaine): Over-enthusiastic, revolted against injustice, nervous.

    32 - vine (Grapevine): Bossy, uncompromising, ambitious, domineering, inflexible.


    Bach flowers: Find the full range of Flowers of Doctor Bach, whose flower essences Rescue and original bach flower in your bio online pharmacy.

    Balance your emotions naturally

    The 38 Flowers Bach® Original is a dietary supplement that target specific emotions and act gently to better manage emotional states.

    Bach Flowers are used for more than 80 years worldwide. Very simple to use, Bach® Original Flower are natural.

    No side effects or cons-indication, gasolines Bach Original Flower can be used by the whole family, even children and pregnant women.

    bach flowers

    ORIGINAL Bach Flowers: Find the full range of Original Bach Flowers, including the Rescue Flower Essences. We also suggest you to make your own bespoke Original Bach Flower Blends in our specialized laboratory.

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