Pharmavie Sport Recovery Effort 60 Tablets

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Pharmavie Sport Recovery Effort 60 Tablets in our pharmacy bio. Pharmavie Sport Recovery Effort 60 Tablets helps reduce metabolic acidity induced by physical activity or a metabolic imbalance.

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    Description Pharmavie Sport Recovery Effort 60 Tablets

    Pharmavie Sport Recovery Effort 60 Tablets helps reduce metabolic acidity induced by physical activity or a metabolic imbalance.


    ° Potassium: Potassium contributes to normal muscle function.

    ° Calcium: Calcium contributes to normal muscle function.

    ° Magnesium: Magnesium helps reduce fatigue. Magnesium contributes to normal muscle function.

    ° Aquamin TG

    This better control the acidity augurs a good enzymatic and cellular dynamics leads to better recovery, more pop, for greater strength while preventing or compensating for physiological or pathological losses.

    Faced with a surplus of acidity induced by stress, physical activity, certain so-called food 'acids' ... or skin removal defect, pulmonary, renal ... this formula will fit one-time or sequentially.

    The Lithothamne of Aquamin® is a seaweed rich in sea minerals and highly assimilated trace elements: magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, silicon, iron, fluorine, molybdenum, boron, cobalt ... 19 items to him only: what invigorate enzyme systems. Its composition is also very rich in calcium carbonate (30%). Thanks to these features, it is an excellent source alkaline (pH = 9).

    Oligomineral the synergy of this complex provides essential fight against this acid ground. , Which saves and compensate the loss of these vital elements, also useful for other cellular functions (stomach, bone ...).

    Pharmavie using Recovery Effort Sport Council 60 Tablets

    Reserved for adolescents and adults. Pharmavie Sport Recovery Effort 60 Tablets may be advised pregnant and nursing women. After intense physical activity or during moderate activity or endurance but

    Repetitive: 2 tablets after exercise or two per day over a period of intensive activity stomach burns. 2 tablets once daily after meals or when inconvenience, repeated 2-3 times a day. Consult a doctor if pain persists beyond metabolic acidity due to pathological disorders:. 2 tablets daily 15 to 20 days, to renew if necessary This supplement does not replace a healthy lifestyle, a diet providing a balance between acidifying foods (often in excess) and those alcalinisnats strengthened. Attention to patients treated with potassium salts, take into account the contribution of 400mg tablets in here but excellent assimilation and overall synergy often absent in drug forms

    Composition of Pharmavie Sport Recovery Effort 60 Tablets



    Pharmavie Sport Recovery Effort 60 Tablets

    The mineral trio "Calcium - Potassium - Magnesium" in the form of carbonate, bicarbonate or oxide rebalances the muscle cell after physical activity and support the body in its fight against muscular metabolic acidity (lactic acid). This mineralizing synergy goes beyond the muscle as it also helps to neutralize stomach acid and that of the organization encountered when in many diseases (gingivitis, sciatica, chronic fatigue, hair loss ...).

    Introducing Pharmavie Sport Recovery Effort 60 Tablets

    Box of 60 tablets

    Dietary Supplement Bconcept Pharmavie in your online pharmacy accredited ARS


    The basic rules of a good nutritional supplement can highlight some rules for the manufacture and delivery of a good nutritional supplement: • pharmaceutical quality is the first rule. The nutritional supplement is not a drug, but security must be addressed to pharmaceutical manufacturers that apply the m my strict rules as those applied to manufacture drugs, • formulas adapted as close as metabolisms • synergy nutrients to meet metabolism, • the right dose is key which requires a personal consultation conducted by qualified persons and whose knowledge is updated, • vitamin E must always be natural and omega 3 fatty acids in natural triglyceride form, • beta carotene to replace vitamin A, for security reasons, • no iron or copper to avoid pro-oxidative reactions, • updated formulas taking into account the epidemiological surveys.

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