Pharmavie Sport Effort Preparation 60 Capsules

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Pharmavie Sport Effort Preparation 60 capsules in our bio pharmacy. Complex essential for the resumption of physical activity in pursuit of regular activity or sports in the hard. This is the "basic of sports" with its synergy of assets to better withstand the specific constraints of the exercise.

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    Description Pharmavie Sport Effort Preparation 60 Capsules

    The synergy of active vitamin B, specific antioxidants on the basis of a plant recognized in athletes for its adaptive properties give this formula "Pharmavie Sport Effort Preparation 60 Capsules" all that muscle expects these physiological circumstances special.

    ° Powder root Eleutherococcus: Siberian Ginseng helps more mental and physical energy and helps to strengthen the body. Siberian Ginseng makes you feel more energetic.

    ° Vitamin B1: Vitamin B1 contributes to normal energy metabolism.

    L Arginine

    ascorbic acid

    beta carotene

    ° equivalent Tocopherol

    ° Riboflavin

    ° Cyanocobalamin

    ° Pyridoxine

    ° Glutathione

    ° ubidecarenone

    Balanced innovative formula containing a maximum of quality ingredients in order to anticipate, compensate or restore the needs for any physical activity whatever the individual level. Improves energy and reduces the incidence of cell damage.

    of Eleutherococcus Extract:

    o plant adaptogen: Returns to normal the disturbed vital signs, allows a better resistance to stress, stress ... and increases execution speed, quality and the ability to provide physical exertion.

    o Plant ergogenic: Improves performance, physical endurance and promotes the body's resistance to stress and facilitates its recovery.

    Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12, four B vitamins serving of carbohydrate energy processes, lipid and protein. Reduce feelings of fatigue. The B12 also includes the metabolic pathway of iron and hemoglobin, essential for cellular oxygenation.

    P harmavie use Preparation Effort Sport Council 60 Capsules

    For adults. Do not advise pregnant women and nursing.

    Depending on the level of activity:

     2 capsules in the morning 3 to 4 weeks.

     Ability to double the dose over a few days ahead of a major activity.

     Cures spaced in frequency of activities:

    One to two treatments per year in 10 to 15 days per month on a regular basis among the most assiduous. The supplement may easily be associated with Pharmavie Nutri Magnesium and should not substitute for dietary quantitatively and qualitatively mastered. Although Eleutherococcus is the adaptive plant, attention to sensitive and people with heart problems: possibility of reducing a first-time dose by 2 in these patients.

    P composition harmavie Sport Effort Preparation 60 Capsules

    Arginine improves vascular protection and optimizes blood flow by producing NO or Nitric Oxide. It promotes the removal of ammonia from the body, enhances the secretion of growth hormone and is involved in the production of creatine.

    Basic antioxidant trio: β-carotene, alpha and gamma tocopherols and vitamin C. The ideal balance to face an overproduction of free radicals during physical activity.

    Coenzyme Q10 (ubidecarenone) and Glutathione 2 specific antioxidants energy processes: Active and protects muscle mitochondria (muscle, heart) and liver. No direct effect on the performance but the antioxidant effect helps promote recovery after exercise (body aches).

    The ingredients of P harmavie Sport Preparation Effort 60 Capsules: LC-MAIZE STARCH, L-Arginine BASE V1, Eleutherococcus HYVE-ipowder, VITAMIN C COMPRESSIBLE CH / E300, Glutathione, CaroCare 20% VITAMIN E Covitol 1210 MAGNESIUM STEARATE FOOD PUR , Coenzyme Q10 Kaneka, VITAMIN B12 0.1%, VITAMIN B6, THIAMIN MONONITRATE 0,418,943, VITAMIN B2.

    P Presentation harmavie Sport Effort Preparation 60 Capsules

    Box of 60 capsules

    Dietary Supplement Bconcept Pharmavie in your online pharmacy accredited ARS


    The basic rules of a good nutritional supplement can highlight some rules for the manufacture and delivery of a good nutritional supplement: • pharmaceutical quality is the first rule. The nutritional supplement is not a drug, but security must be addressed to pharmaceutical manufacturers that apply the m my strict rules as those applied to manufacture drugs, • formulas adapted as close as metabolisms • synergy nutrients to meet metabolism, • the right dose is key which requires a personal consultation conducted by qualified persons and whose knowledge is updated, • vitamin E must always be natural and omega 3 fatty acids in natural triglyceride form, • beta carotene to replace vitamin A, for security reasons, • no iron or copper to avoid pro-oxidative reactions, • updated formulas taking into account the epidemiological surveys.

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