The Seingue BIONUTRON Start AUDEVARD 15ml gives every chance the foal to grow in good conditions. BIONUTRON START brings all the necessary vitamins for growth and also provides a guarantee to reduce the risk of diarrhea. 80% of foals are affected by diarrhea, which are threatening the colts toddler.

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    Description Start Audevard 15ml syringe BIONUTRON

    The new foal is fragile. The development of its digestive and nervous systems, bones and muscles is not yet complete.
    However, it was during this development that we must be careful not to let
    developing pathologies. The formula was developed BIONUTRON START
    specifically for this purpose: to protect the new born foal
    External and allow optimal growth aggression.

    Antioxidant and stimulant of the nervous system: Vitamins C, B1, B2 and B6 protect nerve cells and emerging

    promote neurological arousal and alertness foal (learning, development
    his reflexes ...).

    Protection of the gastrointestinal mucosa: Proven: The diarrhés, frequent (80% of foals are achieved in the first 6 months of life) and potentially fatal in

    the young (10% mortality) are to be feared. The causes are many: poor deworming or modification
    the maternal diet, stress, imbalance of the gastric flora ... The gelled appearance and Sage essential oil contained in BIONUTRON START help to limit the growth of bacteria in the gastrointestinal mucosa and thus limited the risk of diarrhea.

    Osteo-articular and muscular development: The formula BIONUTRON START contains a high concentration of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and essential fatty acids that contribute to the sound development of the musculoskeletal system. Copper and Zinc helps prevent the appearance of AOAJ (disorders Osteo-Articular Juvenile), while Vitamin D3 enhances the assimilation of Calcium. This contributes to the development of resistant bone structures. Vitamin E and Selenium, in particular, contribute to the development of powerful muscular structures.

    Use Syringe BIONUTRON Start Tips

    Administers an entire syringe into the mouth of the foal at birth.

    It is recommended to administer the first week 3 syringes (J1, J3 and J7).

    If necessary, the administration may be repeated every week for 2 months due to a syringe week.

    Composition BIONUTRON Start Syringe Audevard

    Selenium 0.1 mg
    Lysine 495 mg
    Niacin 165mg
    160 Vitamin B12 mcg
    Vitamin E 150 mg
    Methionine 330 mg
    Zinc 16.5mg
    Vitamin C 33 mg 67.5 mg Vitamin B2
    Choline 330 mg
    Vitamin D3 6750 IU
    Pantothenic Acid 82.5 mg
    5.25 mg copper
    Vitamin B6 16.5 mg
    Vitamin A 105,000 IU
    Iron 33 mg
    52.5 mg vitamin B1 Essential Oil Sage
    (Salvia officinalis) 1%
    Excipient: protective hydrogel

    Presentation Syringe BIONUTRON Start

    Syringe 15 ml

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