BIONUTRON SENIOR AUDEVAR 1.5kg considers degenerative phenomena encountered in the elderly at locomotor and digestive horse, and nervous and cardiac systems

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    Description Audevard bionutrition Senior


    SENIOR BIONUTRON, Specific Diet of older horse

    a specialty AUDEVARD Laboratory, manufacturer of excellence for horses.

    Daily optimal health and performance of the horse for over 20 years!
    The diet of the horse brings his energy to his activity but it does not accurately and consistently brings all the essential nutrients the horse needs for optimal physiological functioning. For the older horse, BIONUTRON SENIOR compensates natural imbalances in the diet (calcium and phosphorus) and reinforces the contribution of specific elements of his age in order to ensure:

    • Maintaining the vitality
    • Support of Musculoskeletal
    • Support the functioning of vital organs.


    SENIOR BIONUTRON has been specially formulated by veterinarians Laboratories Audevard to fit all types of rations. Formula BIONUTRON SENIOR also takes into consideration the degenerative phenomena frequently encountered in elderly horse

    • Musculoskeletal: Harpagophytum, Vitamin E, Selenium and essential fatty acids help to reduce chronic joint pain. The report suitable phosphate prevents accelerated demineralization of the skeleton.
    • Digestive: Bentonite compensates gastric acidification and helps to protect the stomach. Live yeast Yea Sacc 1026 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) to act as a protective barrier for the intestinal mucosa and reduce the sensitivity of animals vis-à-vis the risk of developing colic.
    • Nervous System: The contents of vitamins B1 and B6 allow optimal functioning of the nervous system often altered by cellular degeneration.
    • Cardiac system: To save the work of the heart pump, BIONUTRON SENIOR contains Magnesium and Chrysanthellum plant known for its vasodilatory effects, thus contributing to a better distribution of blood volume in the peripheral vasculature. SENIOR BIONUTRON is enriched with iodine and thus contributes to the prevention of hypothyroidism old horse. BIONUTRON SENIOR also contains a significant amount of Vitamin C to compensate for the deficits known absorption in horses. Vitamin C especially takes a role in the synthesis of antibody.


    Use BIONUTRON Senior Audevard 1.5kg Tips

    50 g (1 scoop full) per horse per day. SENIOR BIONUTRON mix in the ration. Gradually accustom the horse to the consumption of the product.
    2.4kg box allows a processing time up to 48 days.

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    Composition BIONUTRON Senior Audevard 1.5kg


    Composition for 1 KG Report phosphocalcic Ca / P = 2 - Analytical constituents - 9% Calcium - 4.5% Phosphorus - Magnesium 1.4% - Additives - Iron 1150 mg - 48 mg Iodine - Cobalt 56 mg - Selenium 12 mg - Vitamin D3 70,000 IU - Vitamin E 1150 IU - Vitamin C 94 000 mg - 300 mg Vitamin B1 - Vitamin B2 480 mg - 140 mg B6 Viitamine - Niacin 1350 mg - Folic Acid 134 mg - 17,000 mg Lysine - Yea sacc 110 000 mg - 1.4 mg Vitamin B12 - Pantothenic Acid 740 mg - ω3 fatty acids 1660 mg - Raw Materials - Bentonite 67,000 mg - 78,000 mg Harpagophytum - Chrysanthellum 14,000 mg



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