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Ophthalmic Solution 0.24% Up Aqualarm laboratory Chauvin is perfect for moisturizing and lubricating eye contact lenses.

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Partners with: THERA PEARL ocular mask hot and cold compresses, Ophtaxia wipe Hygiene Care Wipes 20 Eyelids Lashes

Used for : tired eyes

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    0.24% POVIDONE 10ML - Bausch & Lomb



    Description AQUALARM up ophthalmic solution 0.24% povidone


    Eye droughts may occur during prolonged work at a computer screen, the act of watching too much television, wearing contact lenses or even due to dry air, hot or smoky. This results in eye discomfort resulting in tingling, burning or tired eyes. Laboratories BAUSCH & LOMB offer you the ophthalmic AQUALARM UP solution which moistens the eyes perfectly.


    Application advice and opinions on AQUALARM up laboratory chauvinistic


    Tilt your head back, put a drop into the conjunctival sac, close your eyes and let stir to evenly distribute the product. Repeat for the other eye.


    When using AQUALARM up 0.24% Bausch & Lomb


    When problems wetting the surface of the eye, causing symptoms such as feelings of dryness of the eye, burns or eye strain.


    - Menopausal women

    - Taken drugs

    - Patients with discomfort persists


    These symptoms are often caused by:


    - Prolonged screen work

    - Dry air, heating, air conditioning

    - Cigarette smoke

    - Wearing contact lenses

    - Medication ...


    AQUALARM UP INTENSIVE improves the wetting of the surface of the eye and wetting volatile during lens wear soft and hard contact.


    The advantages of using dry eyes AQUALARM up anti solution


    - No preservatives

    - Keeps 3 months after opening

    - Can be used long term

    - Is easy to use and securely

    - Allows precise dosing of a single drop

    - Compatible with lenses


    Composition AQUALARM up humidifier eyes


    Ophthalmic Solution AQUALARM UP Anti Dry Eyes contains:


    • 2% Povidone
      • This asset will act perfectly moistening eyes and immediately providing relief and freshness.
    • A High Tolerance Formula
      • It contains no preservatives, and patented pump allows precise dosing and without the risk of contamination.


    Precaution for use with wetting up AQUALARM eye lubrication and contact lenses


    Avoid touching the tip with your fingers.


    Introducing AQUALARM up 10ml


    10 ml vial without preservatives


    Our expert advice on this pharmacy ophthalmic solution


    Ophthalmic Solution AQUALARM UP is perfect for retiring to lubricate your eyes or contact lenses.


    Aqualarm UP Intensive is a medical device class IIb product regulated health bringing this title CE issued by the authorized body: MDC 0483 Manufacturer:. Chauvin ankerpharm GmbH. Ask your pharmacist for advice. Read the instructions on the leaflet.

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    Artificial tears are lubricating drops that then serves to replace tears or in any case to lubricate your eye, making better comfort when wearing contact lenses. Most artificial tears can be bought in pharmacies without prescription, but these products are not all intended to be used with lenses. Find our new range of pharmaceutical products in the ophthalmology department of your online pharmacy Bio


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