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The preparation parasites (intestinal) essential oil is used to cure a disease due to the presence of a parasite in the gut.

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Used for : oral abscess, tooth abscess, parasites (intestinal) pinworms

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    Presentation of the abscessed tooth preparation essential oils in cash

    Treating parasites with a liquid preparation with essential oils:


    Highly contagious, these small grubs (10 mm for the female, 5 mm for the male) colonize the colon (lower part of the intestine). At night, the female comes to lay its eggs on the edge of the anus. The person scratches and contaminates again later wearing fingers to his mouth. In doing so, it also lays eggs - that can survive for nine days in the open air - on all objects it touches. These worms parasitize especially children because they have not yet got used to wash hands, and especially can not keep from scratching.

    The tapeworm or tapeworm:

    This parasite along, who lives in the small intestine, can measure six to eight meters long. It clings to the intestinal wall with its head with suckers and hooks. Its body is comprised of flat segments (or rings) of 3 mm wide and 1 to 2 cm long. These rings stand and fall with the stool; they are sometimes found in the underwear. The eggs contaminate various animals, such as freshwater fish, cattle or pigs. Larvae hatched from eggs become encysted in the muscles of animals, and pass through the digestive tract of man when it eats meats that have not been cooked enough.

    The roundworm:

    This pink animal in the form of a green bean measuring up to 10 cm and fits into the small intestine, where it feeds liquid digestion. The female lays eggs evacuated by stool, which may, for lack of hygiene, be on other foods and continue the cycle.

    The liver fluke:

    This little worm of twenty millimeters long, with the shape of an amphora, is contracted through the consumption of watercress and other wild salads. He settles in the liver, but the man is an accidental host, the animal rather infesting cattle and certain molluscs. Indeed, the complex life cycle of the stave passes through the interference from these other animals.

    Parasite preparation (intestine) essential oils liquid is used to guérrir a disease due to the presence of a parasite in the gastrointestinal tract.

    If parasitosis, essential oils are primarily used to treat:


    • parasites of the intestine
    • parasitosis


    Traditionally used to

    - Pests from the intestine, parasitosis



    Preparation of essential oils against pests for 5ml:


    Essential oil of Eugenia caryophyllata 1 drop

    Cinnamomum zeylanicum essential oil 1 drop

    Oil of Eucalyptus 1 drop polybractea

    Thymus vulgaris essential oil 1 drop



    Place on a neutral tablet or in olive oil, 2 drops of this mixture, 3 times daily.


    Precaution of use

    Formula déstinée adults and children over 12 years.


    Source for the preparation of essential oils against parasites (intestinal) in liquid

    Formula "My bible essential oils", complete aromatherapy guide. Ed Leduc, Danièle Aroma, P392.



    Essential oils are endowed with impressive reactive power. Observe scrupulously the prescribed doses, they are the fruit of long experience researcher. An excess would bring nothing more therapeutically but might, on the contrary, cause unwanted side effects.


    The preparation of essential oils against parasites (intestinal) in cash should be used with care:


    • what works for one type of parasites (intestinal) is not suitable necessarily for another pathology.
    • what works in a very healthy person is not suitable for other types of patients, including:
      • pregnant women,
      • young children,
      • immunocompromised persons,
      • the seriously ill, etc.

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