PRANAROM diffuser glassware Reducer NOBILE

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PRANAROM diffuser glassware Reducer NOBILE

The gear for Nobile replacement glass cup is a opturateur (cap) glass at the top of the glass diffuser Nobile Pranrom.

This element is not covered by the warranty of the manufacturer's laboratory Pranarom Nobile diffuser.

In case of breakage, so you can order this item to replace.

Description Nobile Pranarom Dry diffuser

Nobile Pranarom Dry diffuser is an essential oil diffuser quiet and simple to use.
It plugs into sector and diffuse pure essential oils (without water) in the form of micro-particles without heat.
This discreet and elegant device allows to flavor the air of living rooms from 10 to 100 m2.
Its intensity is adjustable through the power controller to create a gentle atmosphere,
beneficent and / or sanitized atmosphere to suit your needs.

Pranarôm International is a family laboratory has built a leading position in the field of scientific aromatherapy. Belgium-based International Pranarôm is a serious reference for quality essential oils chemotyped throughout Europe as well as around the world where its aromatherapy products are distributed.

Pranarôm the name was chosen for its double meaning:
- Prana means "breath of life" (Indian version of Chi) that breath is the beginning of all action and decision is the essential energy.

- Arom who just Aromate. The term "aromatic" any aromatic plant which is extracted essential oils.
Pranarôm, breath of life (overall health) provided by essential oils, plants quintessential aromatiques.Le HECT label guarantees:
- A botanically certified distilled plant

- Distilled part of the specified plant

- A defined chemotype

- A steam distillation quality water

This label ensures an essential oil:
100% NATURAL, non-denatured synthetic components, oils or with mineral spirits, 100% Pure, uncut with other essential oils, fatty oils or alcohols; 100% TOTAL, unbleached, non peroxidised not deterpenated and not rectified.
Pranarôm quality is:
- Direct supply from reputable producers that follow the lines of pipes Pranarôm.

- A systematic quality control.

- A team of passionate researchers, specialized in scientific aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy Diffuser: Discover our new range of essential oil diffuser with our formula "ready-to-use" broadcasts complexes, media (neutral tablets) and our simple and effective diffusers. All these complexes are made from essential oils and certified chemotyped HEBBD or HECT

diffuser humidifcateur phyto sun aroms

aromatherapy diffuser Pranarom

broadcaster dry Pranarom

Pranarom Ultrasonic Diffuser

humidifier diffuser Phytosun arom

Discover our essential oil diffuser to create an olfactory ambience and enter the world of aromatherapy smoothly. Dissemination of cold essential oils is preferred. We advise electric diffusers and ultrasonic diffusers Pranarôm. Discover: the essential oil blends for broadcasting Pranarôm.

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