Arkopharma Arko Royal Bio Junior Fortifying Syrup 140 ml

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ARKOPHARMA ARKO ROYAL SYRUP BIO JUNIOR FORTIFIANT 140 ML : Its complete formula combines Organic Royal Jelly, Organic Propolis, Organic Acacia Honey and Organic Acérola powder that provides Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to strengthen its natural defenses. Ideal at the beginning, with the changes of season.

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    Arkopharma Bio Junior Fortifying Syrup 140ml combines organic royal jelly, organic propolis, organic honey and organic acerola for a natural vitamin C intake.
    Secreted by the nurse bees to exclusively feed one of its own who will become queen, the royal jelly confers a longevity of life 40 times superior and an incredible productivity to this one. Royal jelly is a complete stimulant. Propolis, a resinous substance made by bees, is the natural shield of the hive against bacteria. Vitamin C helps reduce fatigue and maintain the body's natural defenses; it is particularly useful for general tonus.

    • No coloring, no sweetener.
    • Excellent strawberry taste


    Resulting from the research of Arkopharma pharmaceutical laboratories, the Kid Fortifying syrup, whose original formula combines Royal Jelly and Propolis, fruit of the science of bees, with vitamin C, promotes the vitality and tone of children, and contributes to their full bloom.

    Royal jelly, exclusive food of the queen bee, is a complete stimulant.
    Propolis, a resinous substance made by bees, is known as the biological shield of the hive against bacteria.
    Vitamin C is particularly useful for general tonus.



    From 4 years old: 1 measuring spoon per day (5ml).
    From 6 years old: 2 measuring spoons per day (10ml).
    It is possible to renew the catch several times in the year.



    Recommendations ArkoPharma ArkoRoyal Royal Jelly Bio Junior Fortifying Syrup 140 ml



    Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store preferably in the refrigerator after opening. It is possible to renew the use several times in the year. A dietary supplement should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not leave within the reach of young children.



    Composition AkoPharma ArkoRoyal Royal Jelly Bio Junior Fortifying Syrup 140 ml



    No coloring, no sweetener, guaranteed without alcohol.
    Propolis aqueous extract obtained from 65mg of Propolis used for a dose of 5ml, Sugar, Fructose Syrup, Dehydrated Glucose Syrup, Honey (325mg per 5ml dose), Royal Jelly (125mg for a 5ml dose) , Vitamin C, Strawberry flavor, Preservative: potassium sorbate.
    Average nutrition information for 1 teaspoon (ie 5ml) / For 1 teaspoon (10ml):
    Vitamin C: 30mg / 60mg
    Propolis extract: 1.8g / 3.6g
    Honey: 325mg / 650mg
    Royal Jelly: 125mg / 250mg.

    Buy the Arkocaps at the best price in a pharmacy

    The effectiveness of Arkogélules herbal medicine is based primarily on the choice of plants that go into their composition. Thanks to the phyto-chemists of the French Arkopharma laboratory, it is possible:

    • to know the most interesting plant species within the same family of medicinal plants
    • to accurately determine the ideal picking date in order to obtain quality plant active ingredients
    • to define the most favorable growing conditions, the best region, the best soil, the best exposure and to choose with the greatest precision the part of the most active plant.

    This selection of medicinal plants is done on a rigorous scientific basis. This is modern herbal medicine.

    Available for sale in drugstore and pharmacy, these natural extracts Arkocaps plants are among the most used in France.
    In 1997, ARKOPHARMA created the event by offering the first range of products 100% plant origin, confirming its leading position in herbal medicine: that year, the traditional gelatin used for the capsule shell is replaced by a natural substitute of plant origin: a cellulose derivative. Cellulose surrounds and protects the cells of all plants. The 100% vegetable capsule is totally natural and contains no gluten or preservatives. All Arkocaps are made with cryobrushed plant extracts, a process that guarantees a very high quality, naturally preserving the active principles for optimal assimilation.

    Apitherapy, honey, propolis, pollen and royal jelly in your bio pharmacy online

    How to heal with honey?

    From apis to bee, apitherapy is a discipline that uses products harvested, processed or secreted by bees - honey , propolis , pollen , royal jelly and venom - for dietary and therapeutic purposes. . Apitherapy consists of healing with the products of the hive.

    The benefits of honey

    In general, the richness in vitamins and trace elements of honey also makes it an excellent reinvigorating, both physically and intellectually. Thanks to its antibacterial action, organic honey is commonly used to relieve various cold-related infections, such as coughs, sore throats and respiratory system disorders.

    Treat yourself with royal jelly

    A whitish and gelatinous substance secreted by the pharyngeal glands of young nurse bees, royal jelly is known to stimulate the immune system. Containing water, sugars, proteins, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Royal jelly acts as a real natural stimulant for the body. You can find it in many forms (capsules, ampoules) and associated with other nutrients for an even higher efficiency.

    The benefits of propolis

    Propolis is a resinous mixture of dark color composed of plant elements and used to line the inside of the hive to sanitize and seal. This resin is particularly loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. In external application, it is used to soothe and help the healing of wounds and burns, in the same way as honey, but also to treat some forms of vaginal infections and herpes.

    Healing with pollen

    Toning, stimulating, detoxifying, and the list is still long. Pollen has incredible properties for the body. It balances the intestinal flora and improves digestive comfort while boosting the immune system.

    This millennial practice uses the properties of bee products to improve and maintain the health of humans. Apitherapy proposes to use the supposed properties of honey, propolis, wax, bee venom, royal jelly, bee bread and pollen. In the background, in cure, in curative care, it has been a long time that we know how to use honey and bee products. It was already done among the ancient Egyptians, among the Greeks - Hippocrates   already recommended honey in preparations of ointments and in the treatment of wounds - in ancient Rome but also in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Today, the products of the hive are natural therapies with scientifically proven virtues. Most of the proposals for apitherapy have not been scientifically established and do not meet the standards of medicine.

    Take advantage of our qualified naturopaths and our advice to choose the best treatment adapted to your troubles and your personal situation. For more information, do not hesitate to ask us for advice on our secure form .

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