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MAQS BANDS BEE BOX 20 Among bees used for the treatment of varroa caused by Varroa destructor in honey bees (Apis mellifera). T reatment of 10 hives

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Used for : tracheal mite treatment in, varroa treatment in the Abeil, varoa

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    Indication MAQS

    In bees:
    - Treatment of varroa caused by Varroa destructor in honey bees (Apis mellifera).

    Composition of MAQS

    A band of 146 g contains:
    Formic acid 68.2 g .....

    10 hives treatment

    USE and DOSAGE of MAQS

    Use in standard hives with single or double body hive or hives of similar size, with a cluster of bees covering a minimum of 6 frames of brood (about 10,000 bees).

    1. Open and remove the 2 strips of plastic bag.
    Important: Do not remove the paper strips around them. Indeed, this paper provides a controlled release of formic acid.
    2 strips 1 = 7 days of treatment.
    2. Place two flat bands on the heads of managers to cover all cadres. A space of about 5 cm must be left between each band, and a space of about 10 cm between the outer edges of the strips and the ends of the hive body. During the implementation of treatment, use gloves chemically resistant to avoid contact with skin.
    Temperature: The temperature of the day of installation of treatment should be between 10 ° C and 29.5 ° C.
    3. The strips should be left on the frames for 7 days.
    They are biodegradable and it is not necessary to remove the end of treatment because honeybees dispose of waste bands. If they are removed, the strips are destroyed by composting.
    Allow a minimum of one month between applications.


    The strips can be applied during the flow; add increases if honey is scheduled to leave space for the expansion of the colony. Do not disturb the colony for 7 days.
    Temperatures: the maximum outside temperature must be between +10 and + 29.5 ° C on the day of application. During the first three days of treatment, higher temperatures in this range may cause excessive brood mortality and loss of the queen. If such temperatures coincide with a period of scarcity (or food is scarce), there is a high risk of loss of the queen, suddenly supersédure, or laying delay. Treatment should be delayed until the temperature drops or that food is available again.
    The colonies must have access to a sufficient amount of fresh air during treatment. An air inlet must be present over the whole width of the hive, generally between the beehive body and the bottom board. The entrance to the bottom of the beehive must be fully open (over the whole width of the hive and a minimum height of 1.3 cm) for the duration of treatment (7 days). entry reducers must be removed to avoid excessive damage to the colonies. Minimize disturbance to the colony activity during the application process.
    The settlements must have a good supply of food at the time of treatment and they should not be fed during treatment.
    Do not destroy queen cells that can be observed before and after treatment. The supersédure, even if it is potentially initiated treatment is a natural process, and it is not recommended to block this process necessary for the health of the colony. Check that the colony is in possession of a queen, one month after treatment. The presence of a queen mother and a daughter-queen is not uncommon after treatment.
    It is expected that the settlements extend the cluster under the control of the vapor concentration during the first 3 days of treatment; we can see to shave.

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