Apiguard GEL PEST BEE BOX 10


Varroa treatment due to Varroa destructor in honey bees

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Used for : tracheal mite treatment in, varroa treatment in the Abeil, varoa

contains: thymol

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    Apiguard GEL

    Indication Apiguard

    In bees:
    - Treatment of varroosis due to Varroa destructor.

    USE OF Apiguard and DOSAGE

    Treatment in the hive: two successive applications of 50 g of gel per colony at 2 week intervals.
    2 treatments per year, maximum.

    Method of administration
    Open the hive. Opening the lid of the tray and leave a corner of the cover secured to the tray. Place the tray on top of the frames in the center, freeze up.
    Ensure a clearance of at least 0.5 cm is available from the top of the tray and the frame covers. Close the hive. After two weeks replace the first tray with a new tray by following the same procedure. Leave the product in the colony until the tray is empty. Remove the product when installing increases the colony.

    The effectiveness of the specialty is optimized if the product is used in late summer after the honey harvest (when the amount of brood is decreasing). However, in case of heavy infestation, the specialty can also be used in the spring when the temperature is above 15 ° C.
    Efficacy may vary between colonies due to the nature of the product. Consequently, APIGUARD® be used as a treatment amongst other within an Integrated Pest Management program, and mite fall should be monitored regularly. If significant mite fall is observed during the winter or the following spring, it is recommended to use another treatment varroa in winter or spring.

    PRECAUTIONS to Apiguard

    Do not treat during honey flow period to avoid a possible altered taste honey.
    The treatment can be performed immediately after removal increases.
    Do not use the specialty as the expected maximum daily temperature is below 15 ° C or when the colony activity is very low or when the temperature is above 40 ° C.
    Unite weak colonies before treatment.
    All colonies of an apiary should be treated simultaneously.

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