Nicorette MOUTH SPRAY 1 * 150

Nicorette MOUTH SPRAY: Nicorettespray solution for oral spray Mint is a drug indicated for the relief of nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms of nicotine associated with stopping smoking.

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Nicorette MOUTH SPRAY 1 * 150

For warnings, precautions for use and cons-indications, see the instructions for use.



Nicorette Fresh Mint Buccal Spray is a drug indicated for the relief of nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms of nicotine associated with stopping smoking. It helps in curbing the consumption of tobacco one to two doses when necessary to control his cravings.

Dialing a distributor (13.2 ml):

Active substance   :   Nicotine.
A spray delivers a dose of 1 mg nicotine.
Other components   :   Propylene glycol, anhydrous ethanol, trometamol, poloxamer 407, glycerol, sodium bicarbonate, levomenthol, peppermint aroma, refreshing flavor, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, hydrochloric acid, purified water.

Instructions :

-Press The upper part of the dispenser to release a dose in your mouth.
-Do Not breath when spraying so the product does not fit into your airways.
-For Best results, avoid swallowing for a few seconds after spraying.





At baseline, use 1 or 2 sprays spray nicorette the usual times tobacco use or when the urge. Start by spraying, and if the urge to smoke does not disappear after a few minutes, use a second spray. If 2 sprays are required, the subsequent doses can contain two consecutive sprays. Many smokers have to use about 1 to 2 sprays every 30 minutes to 1 hour.

For example if average consumption of 15 cigarettes a day, you should use 1-2 sprays at least 15 times a day.
After 6 weeks, start to reduce the daily number of sprays.
Maximum dose of 2 sprays per dose, 4 sprays per hour and 64 sprays per day.
The subjects under 18 years old should not use Nicorettespray, unless prescribed by a doctor.

The dispenser opening, release the spray nozzle   :
-A Using the thumb slide the button down until you can bring him with light pressure. Do not press too hard.
-Any By pushing the button inward, please let slide up to unlock the upper distributor. Then release the button.

Loading Machine   :
When first using the oral spray, start by booting the vaporizer. Hold the sprayer tip away from yourself and adults, children and animals are nearby. With the index finger, press 3 times the upper portion of the dispenser until appearance of a fine mist. After 2 days without use, it may be necessary to repeat this sprayer loading procedure.

The dispenser closure, blockage of spray nozzle   :
-Make Slide the button down until you can push it inward.
-Any By pushing the button inward, slide the upper part of the dispenser down.
Release the button. The valve is closed.

To take another dose, repeat the steps above.


-If You are allergic (hypersensitive) to nicotine or any other ingredients in Nicorettespray.


Contact your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. You can take Nicorettespray but you should discuss beforehand with your doctor if you have:
-Of a recent history (
-a chest pain (unstable angina) or stable angina,
-a problem affecting your heart rate or heart rate,
-a hypertension that is not controlled by drugs,
-the history of allergic reactions are manifested by swelling of the lips, face and throat (angioedema) or rashes associated with itching (hives). Sometimes the use of NRT triggers this type of reaction,
-a moderate or severe hepatic impairment,
-a severe renal impairment,
-a diabetes,
-a hyperthyroidism,
-a tumor of the adrenal gland (pheochromocytoma)
-a stomach ulcer,
-a esophagitis.
-Nicorettespray Should not be used by non-smokers.
-S'abstenir Eating and drinking during the oral spray.
-take Care not to spray the content of the oral spray towards the eyes. If spray in the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
-Keep Out of the reach and sight of children.
-A Keep at temperatures below 25 ° C.
-A Best before the date indicated on the package.
-Refermer Distributor after each use to prevent children from using the sprayer and to prevent accidental spraying.
-Read the instructions before use.
-Keep Out of reach of children.
-A Keep at temperatures below 25 ° C.

Taking other medicines   :
If you are taking or have recently taken any other medicines, including medicines obtained without a prescription, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. This is especially important if you are taking medicines containing:
-from theophylline for asthma,
-from tacrine for treating Alzheimer's disease,
-In clozapine to treat schizophrenia,
-du ropinirole to treat Parkinson's disease.

Route of administration:   Mouth.

To increase your chances of success, read the instructions carefully and particularly health education boards located at the end of the leaflet.

Packaging :   1 x 150 or 2 x 150 doses sprays.


Warnings on drugs

Warning, the drug Nicorette sprayer is not a product like any other. Read the package leaflet before ordering. Do not leave medicines within reach of children. If symptoms persist, seek the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. Beware of incompatibilities on your current products.

Please tell your online pharmacist of current treatments to identify any incompatibilities. The order confirmation form contains a custom message field provided for this purpose.

Click here to find the manual of this drug on the website of the National Agency of Drug Safety and health products.

Pharmacovigilance Reporting an or effect (s) Adverse (s) bound (s) use of a medicament

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