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Lotion Anti-Mosquito FIVE FIVE TROPIC is designed to protect you during 8:00 risks bites 5 insect species.

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    Anti-mosquito lotion Five on Five 5/5 tropic Bayer aero

    The Tropical Spray of the Cinq sur Cinq laboratories is a lotion that provides you with enhanced protection against insect bites. It is one of the possible gestures of prevention against the vectors of malaria, dengue and chikungunya. The Tropic Spray of the Cinq sur Cinq laboratories is suitable for both pregnant women and children over 30 months of age. Its soft fragrance allows a more pleasant application.

    Description of 5 out of 5 5/5 tropic anti mosquito lotion

    Care and nature offers you the Five on Five Tropic insect spray from Bayer Laboratories, a formula with a strong action to permanently repel biting insects vectors of malaria, dengue, chikungunya, lymphatic filariasis and l Japanese encephalitis.

    This mosquito repellent spray has been developed to suit high-risk areas and remains effective for up to eight hours at a time.
    It is suitable for pregnant women and children over 24 months, and has no photosensitizing action.

    Five on Tropic is composed of repellent IR3535, recognized by the World Health Organization and whose effectiveness is proven both in the laboratory and in the field.

    Effective against mosquitoes, ticks, wasps and horseflies, it is therefore effective in both temperate and tropical environments, and is one of your allies against traveling bites.

    User tips and reviews on anti mosquito five out of five tropic

    Apply Five on Five Tropic on the uncovered parts of the body.

    Renew every 8 hours or so after bathing or showering.

    3 applications per day MAXIMUM in adults from the age of 12 years.

    From 24 months to 12 years, 2 MAXIMUM applications per day.

    This product is suitable for pregnant women.

    For the legs, we recommend to use insect repellent insect bites from the ankles to the knees in order to also avoid the tick bites, also to be used on the shoes (always for the ticks).
    For hands, it is best to use repellent mosquito clothing on gloves in very difficult areas, like swamps, one can put in addition repellent on the back of the hand and wrists (sometimes momentarily discovered when tending an arm).
    For the head, we suggest applying the clothes repellent on the hood or headgear used, plus repellent mosquito on the face and neck.
    If you are hiking or walking, spray a suitable bodily repellent (child or adult) on the bare areas, to be renewed every 6 hours or even every 2 to 3 hours if you sweat a lot!

    To protect against mosquitoes, the first step to take is to be vigilant about what can be used as a "larval gite". Larvae are found in all water collections where mosquitoes can be labeled: swamps, hollows of trees, old tires ... The World Health Organization (WHO) advises skin repellents, especially those containing DEET IR3535 or Icaridine.

    Aerosol composition five out of five 5/5 anti mosquito bayer

    TP19-AL Parsol MCX: 2%, Hydroalcoholic Excipient 35%: 35%: 35% w / w Ethyl N-Acetyl-N-Butyl-B-Alalinate (CAS 52304-36-6)

    IR 3535 or 35/35 is a synthetic repellent, whose recognized efficacy against mosquitoes in temperate and tropical zones.

    Caution for use with five / five tropic

    Do not use more than 3 times a day and on children under 30 months.

    Introducing five / five tropic bayer

    Aerosol spray bottle of 75ml or version 5/5 tropic cheap offer limited promotion in bottle of 100ml

    Our expert advice in pharmacy

    When traveling (travel or sightseeing) in tropical or humid areas at risk for pallus and malaria, you can be serene, you do not risk insect bites.

    Better know the different biting insects.

    The Culex mosquito

    Culex mosquitoes are the predominant mosquitoes in metropolitan France. There are many species including the Culex pipiens or common mosquito that we all know. Most subspecies of Culex prefer to prick birds to men or other mammals. They are therefore often considered less dangerous than Anopheles or Aedes mosquitoes. However, they can spread serious diseases such as West Nile fever or Japanese encephalitis.

    The Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus)

    There are about 260 species of mosquitoes of the genus Aedes on the planet. The mosquito Aedes derives its name from ancient Greek, which means "unpleasant", and is justified by the very nuisance that this type of mosquito very aggressive and with the painful sting entails.

    The Anopheles mosquito

    Of the 3,500 species of mosquitoes present, there are approximately 430 species of the genus Anopheles. Very dreaded, the mosquito Anopheles is the mosquito capable of transmitting malaria.


    Ticks are mites that have existed for about 140 million years. There are more than 800 different species. Known to parasitize domestic animals (especially dogs), they can also take Man as a host. Ticks can transmit potentially life-threatening serious diseases. Men can also develop allergies to their bite, even when they are not infected.

    The phlebotome

    Sandflies are very small insects that resemble small gnats. They are likely to transmit serious diseases.


    Appearing 65 million years ago, flies have always been a nuisance to humans throughout its history. The word fly is a generic word that refers to a large number of very different insect species found in Diptera orders (beef flies, domestic fly, tsetse fly), ephemeroptera (ephemeral) , hymenoptera (flyfly), beetles (fireflies), hemiptera (a pissing fly that is a bug), or mécoptera (scorpion fly).

    Five out of five is a brand specialized in insect control products, especially mosquitoes and lice. Sprays, sticks, diffusers, bracelets, etc ...: the brand Five on Five offers a wide and varied range, adapted to the needs of the whole family.

    It also recently offers sprays combining UV protection and an anti-mosquito.

    anti mosquito natural remedies Anti mosquito Natural Remedies: Discover our new range of pharmaceutical natural products to fight against mosquito bites

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