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A-In, Aerosol Disinfectant pest Omega Pharma is a control disinfectant, based on a pyrethroid to disinfect without stain, clothing and bedding

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Partners with: ASCABIOL Facial treatment for scabies 125ml, SPREGAL Lotion Against Scabies Spray 200ML

Used for : bug spray, scabies, insect, morpion, body louse pubic louse, head louse, chip, Thumbtack, noughts and crosses, louse of pubic body, head louse, chip, Thumbtack

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    For A-Pest Spray Disinfectant

    For A-Pest Spray Disinfectant Omega Pharma avoids frequent phenomena of human recontamination by clothing or bedding.

    A description of Aerosol Disinfectant By-pest

    A-In, Aerosol Disinfectant pest Omega Pharma is a control disinfectant, based on a pyrethroid to disinfect without stain, clothing and bedding.

    Directions for use A-Aerosol Disinfectant By Pest

    For A-Pest Spray Disinfectant Omega Pharma is a control disinfectant, based on a pyrethroid to disinfect without stain, clothing and bedding in the following cases:

    - A human ectoparasite infestation: sarcoptic mange, head lice, body lice, pubic lice (louse)

    - An occasional parasite infestation of man chip bug.

    Some tips to ensure perfect disinfection of textiles may have been in contact with the parasite:
    Washed at a high temperature (above 55 ° C) throughout the body linen, towels and sheets, pillowcases and all clothing to high temperatures used during the previous 3 or 4 days of observation parasite infestation

    Owner's Manual by A-Pest

    A vial of the spray-PAR, away from flame, on the entire surface of the fabric articles can not be washed with more than 55 ° C, holding the vial 30 or 40 cm sections disinfect
    It is best to disinfect at the same time the clothes and place upside down (with emphasis on the seams, armholes) and bedding (mattresses, blankets, pillows, bolsters) of all people living under the same roof
    There is no need to dry clean clothes after disinfection
    Textile articles disinfected with A-PAR are reusable within hours
    1. Garments are used 2 hours after disinfection;
    2. The bedding is used treated 12 hours after application of the product;


    Use biocides safely. Before use, read the label and product information.

    ESDEPALLETHRIN 0.32%, 2.52% piperonyl butoxide, special excipient 32.16% propellant gas 65%, qs 100%.

    Precaution for use

    Open the windows of the treated parts to avoid breathing.

    Spraying should not be done by an asthmatic subject or in his presence.
    A BY-destroying cold-blooded animals, do not spray near an aquarium.
    The bedding should not be used within 12 hours after application.
    A-PAR is non-toxic under normal conditions of use. However, to avoid any difficulty in breathing, open the windows of the rooms in which the spraying is carried out.
    Accidental spraying into eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water.
    Before use in textiles, tested on a few square inches of fabric to check that A-PAR leaves intact textile.

    Do not spray on a naked flame or incandescent material.

    Do not apply on the skin or mucous membranes.


    Aerosol of 125 grams

    Our expert advice pharmacy

    A-PAR is a complement to the treatment of these parasites, by avoiding frequent phenomena of human re-contamination clothing or bedding.

    Scabies is a disease of the skin specific to humans. Scabies is caused by a microscopic mite female, the mite that burrows into the skin galleries where she lays her eggs, causing constant itching and severe itching, the first signs of the disease.

    Scabies is easily transmissible, a simple contact of two skins enough to get the dreaded mite from one person to another. Spread of the pest is favored by the community life: kindergartens, hospitals or nursing homes are his favorite places to spread.

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