The pipettes FRONTLINE Spot-On are as effective as the spray version, but easier to use, especially on a cat. Within 24 hours, your cat is protected for a period of four weeks against fleas and 2 weeks against ticks. Also to protect your home, find pipettes FRONTLINE Combo .

Kittens can be treated as early as 3 months and cats in gestation and lactation.

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    Frontline cat Composition

    FRONTLINE Spot On Cat Fipronil 50 mg.

    Butylhydroxyanisole (E320) 0.10 mg. Butylated hydroxytoluene (E321) 0.05 mg. Ethanol 0.05 ml. Excipient 1 pipette 0.5 ml

    Side effect frontline cat

    If licking, a brief period of hypersalivation due to the nature of the carrier can be observed.
    Among the extremely rare suspected side effects:
    - In Cats: transient skin reactions at the application site (scaling, local alopecia, pruritus, erythema) and general pruritus or alopecia have been reported. Exceptionally, hypersalivation, reversible neurological signs (hyperaesthesia, depression, nervous symptoms) or vomiting have been reported after use.
    - In dogs: transient skin reactions at the application site (skin discoloration, local alopecia, pruritus, erythema) and general pruritus or alopecia have been reported.
    Exceptionally, hypersalivation, reversible neurological signs (hyperaesthesia, depression, nervous signs), vomiting or respiratory symptoms have been observed after use.
    Do not overdose.

    Frontline cat Description

    Conditions to sensitive parasites fipronil

    Frontline cat indication

    - In cats
    In the absence of available data, does not treat kittens under 8 weeks or weighing less than 1 kg.
    Do not use in sick animals (systemic diseases, fever ...) or convalescent.
    Do not use in rabbits because of the sometimes lethal side effects may occur.

    Using advice and opinion on frontline cat

    Apply to dry skin. It is very important to the coat between the shoulders so that the skin is visible: while applying the product on the skin, not the hair. Spot-On diffused on the whole body and concentrates in the sebaceous glands that play a tank role. Week after week, they salt out the product, allowing sustained efficiency. Tip: The application on the cat must be well to the base of the head to avoid the animal to lick itself.

    Frontline cat dosage

    Cats: pipette FRONTLINE Spot On Cat per animal (0.5 ml).
    In the absence of data on safety, the minimum treatment period is 4 weeks.

    Use caution with frontline cat

    It is important to ensure apply the product to an area where the animal can not lick and to ensure that animals do not lick them.
    Data evaluating the effect of a bath or shampoo on efficacy of the product in cats are available. However, on the basis of information available in dogs shampooed from 2 days after application of the product, it is not recommended to bathe the animals in the two days following the application.

    Attached ticks may occasionally be observed. For this reason the transmission of infectious diseases can not be completely excluded if conditions are unfavorable.
    Pet of fleas often infest their basket, their sleeping area and their regular resting areas such as carpets and sofas. In massive and early treatment infestation, these places should be treated with a suitable insecticide and vacuumed regularly.

    Frontline cat presentation

    FRONTLINE Spot On Cat: blister 1 sectile tip pipette 0.5 ml
    GTIN: 03661103033622

    Our expert advice in pharmacy

    - Treat before seeing the parasites on your pet.
    - Treat regularly every month for cats!
    - In dealing regularly, reduces the risk of massive infestation of the animal and habitat that are still difficult to manage.
    - Treat all animals in the home at the same time!
    - Treat your pet against fleas and ticks and avoid multiplication of fleas in the habitat with FRONTLINE Combo
    - Be vigilant against ticks: zero risk does not exist.
    - FRONTLINE ® remains effective in case of baths or shampoos: respecting a period of 48 hours between application and exposure to water, and not exceeding the frequency of a bathing or shampooing week.

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