Aromaderm Matifying Fluid Buttons Bio Pranarom 50ml

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Aromaderm Fluid M a tifying Buttons Bio Pranarom 50ml hydrate And softens the fragile skin. This fluid, with the non-greasy texture specifically adapted to the acne-prone skin, matifies and maintains the water balance of the epidermis.

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Used for : matify

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    Description of Aromaderm Matifying Fluid Organic Buttons 50ml

    Aromaderm Fluid Matifying Buttons Bio Pranarom 50ml hydrate And softens the fragile skin. This fluid, with the non-greasy texture specifically adapted to the acne-prone skin, matifies and maintains the water balance of the epidermis. Thanks to 100% organic essential oils of pine, thyme, myrtle, cistus and black spruce and other targeted ingredients, the skin remains clean, smooth and non-greasy.

    using advice

    On the face previously cleaned, apply twice a day, morning and evening avoiding the eye contour.


    With essential oils 100% organic:

    Scots pine *, Common thyme *, Common myrtle *, Cistus ladaniferus *, Black spruce *

    + Vegetable oils of: Sesame *, Evening primrose *

    + Aloe vera *

    * ECOGARANTIE ® certified product according to the specifications ECOGARANTIE (control CERTISYS)

    Precaution of use

    Do not apply to sensitive mucous membranes and do not use in children under one year of age and in pregnant and lactating women unless directed by a physician or pharmacist.

    Some essential oils can be allergenic: always do a pre-test in the crease of the elbow. Contraindicated in people with a history of febrile convulsions.

    Keep away from heat and light.

    Keep out of reach of young children.

    Keep product between 15 ° C and 35 ° C in its original packaging.


    Bottle of 50ml.

    Pranarôm is a family laboratory that has forged a leading position in the field of scientific aromatherapy .

    Based in Belgium, Pranarôm is a serious reference in the field of chemotyped essential oils throughout Europe as well as in the four corners of the world where its aromatherapy products are distributed.

    The name Pranarôm was chosen for its double meaning:

    - PRANA means "breath of life" (Indian version of Chi) this breath is the beginning of all action and decision is the essential energy.

    - AROM coming from Aromate. The term "aromatic" is used to describe any aromatic plant from which essential oils are extracted.
    Pranarôm, breath of life (overall health) brought by the essential oils, quintessence of the aromatic plants.

    The HECT label guarantees you:

    • a botanically certified distilled plant
    • a distilled part of the specified plant
    • a defined chemotype
    • quality steam distillation

    This label ensures you an essential oil:

    • 100% NATURAL , undenatured by synthetic components, oils and mineral spirits;
    • 100% PURE, uncut with other essential oils, fatty oils or alcohols;
    • 100% TOTAL, non-discolored, non-peroxidated, not deterpenated and unrefined.

    Pranarôm quality is:

    • Direct supply from trusted producers who follow Pranarôm's guidelines.
    • A systematic quality control.
    • A team of passionate researchers, specialized in scientific aromatherapy.

    The commitments Pranarôm

    Pranarôm works all over the world in close collaboration with the producers and distillers of aromatic plants. This proximity allows Pranarôm to control the quality of its essential oils from the plant to the bottle.

    In Madagascar, Pranarôm began in the early 2000s with growers to develop with them a responsible crop of aromatic plants and a traditional distillation respectful of both the environment and industrial quality .

    In 2009, Pranarôm initiated an extensive local development project in Antsirabe that provides stable and equitable employment for more than 100 people while preserving the essential laboratory supplies of essential oils. This project is AROMABE.

    In the interest of sustainable development, Pranarôm invests in Madagascar in the sustainable plantation of organic ravintsara and other local plants. Ecological and sustainable production methods are respected. Pranarôm also invests in the cultivation of species threatened with extinction.

    Along with the production of essential oils, Pranarôm develops on-site local services (doctors, nursing, education) to assist the Malagasy population in development.

    Pranarôm supports organic farming because it is the best for Nature. Whenever possible, Pranarôm formulates its products in BIO quality and complies with the requirements of the BIO certification. Most Pranarôm products bear a certification of organic certification controlled by Certisys Belgium.

    Acne is manifested by the presence of comedones and pimples. It can take many forms. In all cases, to fight against acne , the use of specific seboregulators care is essential.

    Order your acne treatment online in your bio pharmacy

    If acne mainly affects adolescents, adults are not spared. Skin problems manifest themselves differently and the causes are not the same depending on age. Good news: there are solutions!
    Buttons , oily skin , redness , brown spots , black spots ... Having a beautiful smooth skin without imperfection , it is obviously possible. Cleanse , purify , moisturize , we adopt a new beauty routine with one goal in mind: to clean up !
    To overcome acne, it is necessary to privilege the sweetness. It is also necessary to adopt daily certain indispensable rules:

    • Thoroughly clean the skin with a mild skin-specific product.
    • Use every day a treatment.
    • Adopt products suitable for oily skin and in particular a non-comedogenic makeup.
    • Protect the skin from the sun.

    Clean, smooth, soothe, matify ... The recommendations for treating acne-prone skin are many and it is not always clear to know what to choose. To guide you in your quest for the perfect skin, here is for you a selection of products against pimples and boils , against comedones , whiteheads and blackheads ...

    Different types of acne

    Acne is a skin condition associated with inflammation of the pilosebaceous follicles . There are 3 types of acne:

    - Retentional acne results in the production of comedones, cysts, blackheads and whiteheads. This is usually how the affection begins. The excess of sebum and the closing of the hair canal through which the sebum flows, creates a retention of sebum in the sebaceous gland, and gives rise to the black dots and white dots .

    - Inflammatory acne is characterized by large, painful red pimples and cysts that can leave scars indented. Retentional acne, with the development of the bacterium propionibacterium acnes, becomes inflammatory by microbial overgrowth, causing red lesions .

    - Mixed acne combines both forms of retinal acne and inflammatory acne with comedones and red pimples. This case of juvenile acne is the most common case in adolescents (about 60% of acne.

    The treatment adapted to acne depends on the type of lesions that the teenager or the adult has, allergies, tolerance to the drugs, the presence or absence of pregnancy.

    It is advisable to use local treatments to target retention lesions (vitamin A derivatives or fruit acids) and those targeting inflammatory lesions (antibiotics or benzoyl peroxide).

    When acne is at risk of scarring, antibiotics are used to treat severe acne with local treatments. Before use, ask your doctor for advice .

    Choose your acne treatment according to your skin type

    Acne skin cleansing

    Light acne is a hygiene problem; if you exfoliate your skin enough, it will regain its radiance. But the truth is much more complex. When it comes to skincare with acne-prone skin, it's all about preserving the skin's balance and the right choice of powerful ingredients.

    That is why it is advisable to clean your skin morning and evening, using a micellar solution or purifying cleansing gel suitable for oily acne prone skin:

    Moisturizing skin against acne

    Moisturizing with a non-comedogenic care imperfection oily skin encourages it to produce less sebum and therefore fewer pimples and blackheads.

    • Keracnyl repair by Ducray is a care specially adapted for acne-prone skin dried by treatments
    • The aggressions can also appear following the use of soaps, of milks and dermatological treatments more or less irritating, in particular the treatments of the acne. Physiogel Cleansing Gel Dermo ultra-soft fluid cleanser for reactive sensitive skin , skins weakened by dermatological treatments and intolerant skin to conventional soaps or milkshakes.
    • Curaspot Dermacontrol Acne Moisturizing Cream SPF 30 has been specially formulated for the hydration of acne-prone skin. It allows the hydration and the reconstruction of the cutaneous barrier thanks to the Ceramides technology, and protects UVA and UVB effectively.

    Skin treatment against acne

    Treat locally to eradicate pimples, reduce inflammation and avoid unsightly marks and scars.

    • The Cream Specific Care Cytolac is a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic carefully formulated to cleanse, soothe and moisturize the skin with imperfections. Cytolac contributes to the reduction of lesions like microcysts, comedones, papules or pustules.
    • Keracnyl Ducray Control is a cream suitable for oily skin acne prone and promotes the disappearance of pimples and blackheads.
    • Effaclar Duo + Cream La Roche-Posay 40ml is an anti-imperfection care, concealer, descaling, anti marks and anti Uv for oily skin imperfections. Anti-imperfection and anti-UV cream specifically formulated to treat and protect acne-prone oily skin.

    The anti-acne beauty routine

    To limit the appearance of acne pimples it is imperative to be rigorous in your daily care and adapt a beauty routine accordingly:

    Morning anti acne routine :

    Anti acne evening routine :

    • Must remove make-up with the makeup remover of your choice: oil, milk, micellar water ...
    • Clean your skin with Caudalie Cleansing Gel
    • Remove the last traces of makeup and limestone with your sage floral water
    • Apply the Botanical Essence Night Sanoflore that rebalances and deeply purifies the skin
    • Moisturize your skin with the Aqua Magnifica Night Cream that complements the rebalancing action of the essence

    Anti acne routine once a week :

    • Make a gentle homemade scrub made from sugar / honey / vegetable oil. It will help remove dead skin and facilitate cell renewal
    • After the scrub Pamper yourself with the purifying mask of Caudalie to moisturize, cleanse and rebalance the skin deep.

    Find on our blog our latest articles: Acne of the teenager: how to choose the treatment adapted to its pimples , and Adult acne, the natural solutions to overcome it . Find the best brands of anti acne products: Avene Oily skin with imperfections , Bioderma Sebium , Keracnyl , etc ... Need advice to choose your natural anti acne solution? Do not hesitate to contact our graduate naturopaths on our secure form .

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