ARKOFLUID BIO memory concentration GINKGO 20 ampoules 10ml

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Arkofluide Arkofluide

Arkopharma Arkofluide BIO GINKGO 20 BULBS 10ml stimulates memory and concentration.

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ARKOPHARMA ARKOFLUIDE BIO GINKGO 20 BULBS 10ml stimulates memory and concentration.

Arkofluides® Memory - Organic Concentration: a BIO plant for a muscular memory!

Ginkgo Biloba is known to help protect cells in the body while promoting memory and concentration.

After several years of research with leading experts in plant extraction, Arkopharma laboratories propose to reinvent liquid herbal medicine with the new ULTRAextract® extraction process for the Arkofluides® range. Combining innovation, performance and respect for nature, ULTRAextract® is based on a novel method of extraction of plants assisted by ultrasound, which allows to draw from the heart of the plant its active compounds, without the use of synthetic solvent. , the extraction efficiency of the active ingredients of medicinal plants is increased by 73% compared to the conventional method used previously.

No sweeteners, no preservatives and no alcohol.

Benefits of Arkofluides memory bulbs BIO Concentration

Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba). A true "living fossil", Ginkgo is a particularly resistant tree and has an exceptional longevity. Its characteristic leaves become golden in autumn, hence its nickname of a tree with a thousand crowns.

Ginkgo has virtues on the memory as well as on the faculties of learning. The leaves of this plant help to improve cognitive functions and promote concentration.

Designed and developed in France, the Arkofluides® range offers you the best of nature. It is certified by ECOCERT, independent control body that ensures you high quality products.

using advice

Take a light bulb a day. Arkofluides® Memory - Organic Concentration is a food supplement specially formulated to help boost memory and concentration.

Dietary supplement.
Reserved for adults and teenagers over 12 years old.

Instructions for use of arkofluid oral ampoules

  • Shake the ampoule of medicinal plant extract before opening. Given the natural nature of the product, a slight deposit may appear but does not affect its quality.
  • Tap each end of the Arkofluide bulb with your index finger to weaken them. Using a paper towel, break the first end out of the glass to prevent debris from falling.
  • Flip the Arkopharma ampoule and place the first end over the glass. Break the 2nd end out of the glass with a paper towel. Let the liquid flow. Add the equivalent of half a glass of water or fruit juice (125 ml).

Indication: Memory and concentration.

Composition and Complete Formulation

Organic Ginkgo leaf extract (Ginkgo biloba) (obtained from 1.8 g of plant used per ampoule) - Organic Lemon Juice (Lemon lemon).

Medium nutritional information
For 1 bulb
Ginkgo leaf extract 9.9 g

Ginkgo Biloba is a sacred tree of the East that can live for thousands of years. Cultivated in Korea, Japan and also in the south-west of France, Ginkgo contains natural antioxidants that help protect the cells of the body from the action of free radicals. The Ginkgo leaf promotes memory and concentration.

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