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Bio Arkopharma Arkofluides Light Legs drinkable ampoules are food supplements based on medicinal plant extracts, intended to restore the comfort of light and dynamic legs.

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What is Arkofluide Organic Light Legs used for?

The Arkofluide Organic Light Legs ampoules will allow you to rediscover the happiness and the feeling of freedom that light legs provide with normal and dynamic circulation . No more heaviness, swelling and paralyzing edema that ruin your daily life.

Arkofluide Light Legs Arkopharma Bio ampoules are food supplements that will help strengthen blood capillaries and provide you with dynamic circulation in order to find light and comfortable legs, this product contains:

Organic Horse Chestnut Extract:

This plant, anti-inflammatory will soothe localized inflammation in the legs and thus reduce pain, it also has a vasoconstrictor action, which acts on the diameter of the blood vessels in order to reduce their dilation. It improves lymphatic circulation, its vitamin D content tones the venous system promoting good return and reduces capillary permeability, which has a positive impact on heavy, swollen legs with oedemas.

Hamamelis extract:

Witch hazel reduces the caliber of veins, tones the venous system, balances and regulates blood circulation, soothes leg pain and reduces the risk of complications due to poor venous return such as varicose veins, ulcers, phlebitis. and itching.

Red Vine Extract:

Red vine reduces the permeability and caliber of vessels, increases capillary resistance, reduces the risk of venous stasis by boosting venous return, protects the network of veins and acts on the free radicals responsible for cellular aging of the blood. 'organization.

Fragon extract:

Also called little holly, it fights against inflammation of the legs and stimulates venous return . It improves the feeling of heavy legs and acts effectively on the various symptoms of leg edema.

How to properly use Arkofluide Organic Light Legs ampoules?

The Arkofluide Light Legs Bio ampoules are taken daily as an intensive treatment that can be renewed throughout the year.

Instructions for use of arkofluid drinkable ampoules:

  • Shake the medicinal plant extract ampoule before opening. Given the natural character of the product, a slight deposit may appear but in no way affects its quality.
  • Tap each end of the Arkofluide ampoule with your index finger to weaken them. Using a paper towel, break the 1st end off the glass to prevent any falling debris.
  • Turn the Arkopharma ampoule over and place the 1st end above the glass. Break the 2nd end, out of the glass, using a paper towel. Let the liquid flow out. Add the equivalent of half a glass of water or fruit juice (125 ml).

What is the Arkofluide Light Legs Organic ampoules composition?

Arkofluide Light Legs is formulated with:

Ingredients: ORGANIC plant extract obtained from 170 mg of ORGANIC Hamamelis leaf (Hamamelis virginiana), 170 mg of ORGANIC Butcher's broom underground organs (Ruscus aculeatus) and 100 mg of ORGANIC red vine leaf (Vitis vinifera) by vial - Concentrated organic grape juice (Vitis vinifera) - Concentrated organic apple juice (Malus domestica) – Organic horse chestnut seed extract* (Aesculus hippocastanum).
* Use of a horse chestnut extract titrated on average at 5% aescin.

Arkopharma phytotherapy experts have selected organic plants renowned for their virtues on blood circulation.

Resulting from a patented extraction process, this 100% vegetable cocktail combines innovation, performance and respect for Nature.

Certified organic by Ecocert, Arkofluides Light Legs ARKOPHARMA restores the benefits of plants in complete purity.

This dietary supplement against heavy legs is guaranteed without sweeteners, preservatives and alcohol.

What are the side effects and counter indications?

Are food supplements and should not replace a varied and balanced diet associated with a healthy lifestyle.


Available in a box of 20 drinkable ampoules and as a promotional offer at a reduced price of 30 drinkable ampoules, 10 of which are free (while stocks last).

The ARKOFLUIDE BIO range from ARKOPHARMA LABORATORIES has always wanted, through extensive research, to bring you the best that nature can offer you, in order to find daily well-being and comfort in a natural way. ARKOPHARMA LABORATORIES therefore naturally turned to organic farming in order to extract optimal nutritional qualities.

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