Arkopharma Arkofluide BIO DETOX 20 BULBS 10ml

Arkopharma Arkofluide BIO DETOX 20 BULBS 10ml View larger



Bulbs Arkofluide DETOX BIO LABORATORIES Arkopharma are food supplements that will ensure a cleansing of the body in order to regain your energy and optimal immune system.

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    Food toxins are many and it is difficult to escape, in the modern food industry, but generally ingestion rather pass unnoticed, but an amalgam forms on the body and a detoxification period is important and performing at least twice a year to fully cleanse the various organs of the body, to make room, to allow various functions such as the immune system, for example to regain its dynamism and its natural defenses.

    Arkofluides Bio Detox is a dietary supplement for people wishing to help their body to detoxify, especially during seasonal changes or in anticipation of slimming programs.

    Properties ARKOFLUIDE DETOX BIO bulbs

    The bulbs ARKOFLUIDE BIO DETOX ARKOPHARMA LABORATORIES, will help purify and cleanse your body so that it finds optimal performance, this product contains:

    Black radish juice

    Black radish will drain the liver and gallbladder and bring their work to a proper balance, help eliminate waste and toxins and increase the contractions of the intestine to stimulate bowel movement.

    juice concentrate Elderberry

    Elderberry is a natural laxative that promotes bowel movement.

    Dandelion root extract concentrated

    Dandelion stimulates and energizes the digestive system and the liver, it increases the secretion and bile flow, it is detoxing, with a powerful cleaning action of the enhanced body by the diuretic action that helps eliminate by renal tract.

    Lemon juice

    Lemon is an important source of vitamins for the body, but it also allows fully purify the body and acts on many other fronts: it improves the quality and blood circulation, is antiseptic, promotes digestion, gives a glowing skin complexion and helps eliminate waste and toxins. It refreshes and it is also an excellent antioxidant that regenerates cells.

    Results with the bulbs ARKOFLUIDE DETOX BIO

    The bulbs ARKOFLUIDE BIO DETOX ARKOPHARMA LABORATORIES, will help cleanse and purify your body after excesses, treatment or cure during the year. You find the feeling of a healthy body which all functions are dynamosées.

    bulbs use tips ARKOFLUIDE DETOX BIO

    The bulbs ARKOFLUIDE BIO DETOX ARKOPHARMA LABORATORIES, will take on a daily basis at the rate of one a day:
    Shake the bulb before breaking the tips. Pour the contents in half a glass of water. Drink the mixture.

    For adults and over 15 year old.


    Water - Juice apple concentrate (*) - Dandelion Root Extract concentrate 1.0g (*) (Taraxacum officinale) - Juice concentrate elderberry 460 mg (*) (Sambucus nigra) - black radish juice 310 mg (* ) (Raphanus sativus) - Juice lemon concentrate 30 mg (*) (Citrus limon).
    (*) Ingredient of agricultural origin obtained by the organic production method.
    EU Agriculture / Non EU.

    Arkofluides Detox Bio is composed of carefully selected plants:
    The berries of black elderberry are interesting for their detoxifying properties as they help cleanse the body of toxins. Dandelion participates in the elimination of water. The black radish is a thick, edible root that has a characteristic taste which the lemon juice has been added to its refreshing taste.


    ✓ AB - Organic farming
    ✓ Alcohol
    ✓ Without preservatives
    ✓ Without sweetener


    Are food supplements and should not replace a varied and balanced diet combined with a healthy lifestyle.

    It is possible to renew taken several times a year.
    Not recommended during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

    bulbs presentation ARKOFLUIDE DETOX BIO

    Box of 20 drinkable ampoules bio

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