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How to choose your diffuser of essential oils in aromatherapy?

There are different types of essential oil diffusers that each have specific characteristics.

Ventilated Essential Oil Diffusers

The principle is very simple: a fan "propels" the air through a buffer that you have previously soaked with essential oils. This stream of pulsed air instantly spreads the essential oils in the room. As it is very quiet, you can use it in a room or office, its power does not cover a complete home.

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers

Ultrasound is a sound whose frequency is greater than 20khz and can not be heard by the human ear (too acute). A membrane vibrates in the frequency range between 20 kHz and 80 kHz.

Ultrasonic diffusion is a method of cold diffusion which makes it possible not to deteriorate the original fragrance of the essential oils but also to conserve their energetic values. The ultrasound produced by the diffuser makes it possible to transform the mixture of water and oils into a light mist that propagates in the air.

Diffuser of essential oils by Misting

These diffusers are also called hybrid devices because they allow both the diffusion of essential oils but also water vapor (which will moisten your atmosphere a little too dry).

Essential oil humidifier diffusers use a system that creates a slight mist from the water in its tank. Essential oils are added to water in small proportions. The mist that contains the fragrances of essential oils is then diffused into the air. The fogger also makes the ambient air less dry while ensuring the diffusion of essential oils.

Diffuser of essential oils by Nebulization (dry diffuser)

The diffusion by nebulization allows thanks to vibrations to separate and diffuse the molecules of the essential oils in the form of very fine particles emitted in the ambient air. This mode of diffusion is made cold and thus allows to preserve all the therapeutic virtues of the essential oils.

Most of the time the diffuser essential oils consists of a base where the engine is located and a glass part to accommodate the essential oils. The nebulisers are very effective and allow to diffuse the oils in spaces up to 120m ². They are equipped with a power variator.

Discover our diffuser of essential oils to create an olfactory atmosphere and enter the world of aromatherapy smoothly. The diffusion of cold essential oils is preferred. We recommend electric diffusers and ultrasonic diffusers from Pranarôm. To discover: blends of essential oils for the diffusion of Pranarôm.

Also find all our advice on our blog on how to choose your diffuser of essential oils , the different benefits of the diffusion of essential oils , or how to choose oils to diffuse .

Take advantage of our certified naturopaths and our advice to choose the best treatment adapted to your troubles and your personal situation. For more information, do not hesitate to ask us for advice on our secure form .

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