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At the forefront of research and innovation in the field of nutritional sciences, NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories are today key players in the world of food supplements. The scientific teams of NHCO Nutrition® are specialized in the Research and Development of formulas based on Amino Acids. This forms the basis of their specialty: Aminoscience.

Aminoscience® makes it possible to offer innovative formulas, combining Amino Acids to act usefully on the physiological functions of the body.

Amino acids, molecules at the origin of life, are natural compounds, produced in part by the body from food. They are essential for the proper functioning of our organs, acting at the very heart of our cells.

Created in 2008 by Charles ELKRIEF, pharmacist, specialist in Amino Acids and concerned about the quality and effectiveness of food supplements, NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories now offer a wide range of responses to everyone's nutritional needs. All products benefit from quality and safety based on European regulations and collaboration with research centers and international laboratories.

NHCO Nutrition Aminoscience

NHCO Nutrition Laboratories specialize in the study and development of Amino Acids through AMINOCIENCE®.

AMINOSCIENCE® constitutes all the studies and knowledge on Amino Acids and their use in nutritional supplementation with the aim of physiologically improving the functions of the organism.

Building blocks of all proteins, amino acids are essential molecules with a central role in human nutrition. At the heart of all cellular metabolism, they constitute a source of energy and are essential for protein synthesis.

Amino acids have demonstrated countless properties. Each of them is the subject of biochemical, nutritional and metabolic studies. Being active in hormonal, digestive, neurological, vascular or muscular functions, amino acids gradually reveal their secrets and their immense benefits for women and men seeking to maintain their quality of life and their level of health.

Actor responsible for micronutrition

NHCO Nutrition® products are the result of years of micronutrition research. The teams of our partner pharmacies are regularly trained by us to give you the best advice according to your needs. Innovation, efficiency, safety: these are our priorities to guarantee you the best use of our food supplements.

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Discover the new cheap Nhco Nutrition range in your online bio pharmacy. NHCO Nutrition Laboratories is a major player in the field of nutrition, mainly in the production of food supplements for therapeutic purposes. For 20 years of existence, these laboratories have placed amino acids at the center of the formula of its products. They have specialized in the Research and Development of formulas based on Amino Acids.

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