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Bach Flowers Winter Fatigue 

Bach flower remedies to fight against fatigue Winter


1- to fight against the gloom of winter and depression: Bach Flower Mustard MUSTARD 20ml Original

The winter days are cold return synonyms, the gray and rainy days (or snow) constant. For some, it is also a period of sadness and fleeting dark thoughts. For no apparent reason, melancholy settles in as the days get shorter. Good humor and joy of life are hunted and set aside pending the return of the sun. The Bach Flower Mustard suitable for all those who, in winter, live moments of sadness without knowing the reason. Moral momentarily lowered, Mustard helps to find happiness and positive thoughts: inner peace is finally found!


2- to regain energy and vitality: Bach Original Flower Remedies 20ml Olive OLIVE


It is often at this transitional period between winter and spring that you feel literally exhausted both physically and morally ... With the days getting shorter, often gloomy weather and fatigue accumulated during this long quarter Some do not even have the courage to change ideas. The bike has been permanently stored in the garage, dinners with friends constantly deferred, any daily task becomes an insurmountable chore ... The Bach Flower Olive, helps restore strength and vitality and helps overcome the greatest stress states without fatigue or sadness. Olive is for those who feel utterly exhausted physically and mentally after a long difficult period associated for example with personal problems, a period of intense study or work or a long illness. So with Olive, we seem to have an inexhaustible reservoir of energy. Directions for use: Dilute 2 drops of essence of Bach ™ Original Flower in a glass or bottle of water and drink it in small sips throughout the day.

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