Bach Flowers Sleep 

Bach Flowers Sleep: Here are 3 Bach flowers to sleep again gently:

1- You're afraid to sleep: The bach flower Mimulus Mimulus


For anxious people who are already struggling to indulge in a refreshing sleep, fear not get to sleep only adds to insomnia. Mimulus is the flower of relaxation for anxiety, those who feel precise fear, well identified and can be clearly named: it can be phobias such as fear of flying or fear of spiders, as fears that cause deadlocks as precisely the fear of not not sleep.

The ideal dosage: 2 drops diluted in a glass of water or under the tongue, four times a day.


2- Can not relax: Bach Flower Impatience


Constantly on-diet, you have trouble relaxing when bedtime arrives. Impatiens is the flower of relaxation for all those who are constantly on the alert. The Bach Flower Impatiens make you less "pressed" in your words and your actions, you will feel more relaxed and in the evening, falling asleep is no longer a concern.

The ideal dosage: 2 drops diluted in a glass of water or under the tongue, four times a day. Take it for 1 to 5 days to rebalance a temporary situation. During 20 to 30 days if you feel that this is a deeper emotional state.


3- You go over your day: Bach Flower Marronier from India


At night you let yourself be overwhelmed by your thoughts, which prevents you from sleeping. When finally you manage to fall asleep, your sleep is very light. Bach Flower White Chestnut is the flower of peace of mind. It brings mental rest needed to stop ruminating the cares of the day and night to address as a time of rest and not as a battle with your negative thoughts.

The ideal dosage. 2 drops diluted in a glass of water or under the tongue four times a day If the insomnia lasts for more than three months, you probably suffer from chronic insomnia. Repeated night after night, it may weaken your resistance to stress and viruses. Do not hesitate then to see a doctor.



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