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Plan Bach Flowers 

Bach Flowers Plan: Here are 4 Bach flowers for a successful diet for Care and Nature

1- Do not know say no ... to pastry: The Bach flower for you: Centaury (Centaurea)

Centaury is the Flower of hypersensitivity against the other. It is recommended for people who have difficulty saying no, who always want to please or who feel slave of others. During your diet, it will help you say no to your favorite pastry to stand before the jar of Nutella at snack time children not to snack while you prepare dinner.

2- You always push your system to the next: The Bach flower for you: Hornbeam (Charme)

Hornbeam flowers is one of uncertainty, doubt. It is often recommended for people who lack enthusiasm to help them restart. It will help motivate you and get you into your diet without putting it off until later.

3- You're struggling to persevere: The Bach flower for you: Impatiens (Impatiens).

As the name suggests, it is the flower of impatient people , always on the alert, quick and irritable when things are not moving as fast as expected. During your diet, it will help you persevere, even if the weight loss is slow to arrive and you really feel that you are not losing weight fast enough.

4- You crazy ... and you feel guilty: The Bach flower for you: Pine (Scots pine)

It is the flower of people always looking for perfection, who have the feeling of being responsible for everything and feel guilty for nothing.

During your diet, it will help you not to feel guilty if one evening fatigue, you make a difference and you fall for a chocolate eclair! It will allow you to have a clear judgment and accept your "meltdowns".

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