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Homeopathy for stress and anxiety

You jump at the slightest sound, you constantly bite your nails without even realizing it, your leg is constantly agitated ... You are simply stressed !
Homeopathic treatments are particularly suitable as anti-stress , whether punctual or chronic, since they are particularly mild and do not cause side effects .
Homeopathy works on both sides. She proposes a treatment of substance, which treats our reaction mode in order to find the harmony and a treatment of crisis, adapted in a more punctual way, with a situation and with the symptoms which it causes.

Anxiety comes in many facets that depend on the lifestyle of each individual, but also its immediate surroundings and sometimes even its age and social status. Anxiety can be impulsive, when it manifests itself as a result of psychological pressure, or hypochondriac when the patient learns that he is sick and thinks he is doomed. Children are also anxious and often this phenomenon is reflected by excessive shyness. Other people become anxious after going through a difficult time as a separation or death. Anxiety may not occur during the day, but only during sleep, to the extent that the person experiences nightmarish nights and wakes up in a state of extreme fatigue and distress. However, there is a homeopathic remedy that can treat each of these forms of anxiety, hence the need to consult a homeopath so that he can establish the appropriate treatment.

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