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In homeopathic medicine , the compounds or current prescription formula (FPC) Boiron or Rocal, result from the combination of unitary homeopathic medicines which each have a specific action towards an organ, a sphere or a lesion. These homeopathic medicine formulas are associations which act in synergy and the effect of which generally goes beyond that of the medicines which they contain taken alone in unit formulas. the principle is to create a new totum; one can reason thus as in phytotherapy where the effect of the medicinal plant in its entirety goes beyond that of its components.

The combination of these unit drugs allows a wider action on the determined pathology .

The effectiveness of these compounds is guaranteed by the experimentation of physicians and by years of medical practice . Moreover, the homeopathic formulas of the "compounds" do not belong to a particular pharmaceutical laboratory (Boiron, Rocal or weleda), they are so-called historical formulas.

Homeopathic compounds allow, depending on the vulnerabilities of each person or the family, to complete their personal first aid kit at a lower cost, and are ideal for approaching first aid while waiting for the doctor.

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