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Cellulitis, also known as orange peel, occurs when the amount of fat cells builds up in the connective tissue under the skin, causing the blood vessels to narrow.

Cellulite blocks blood flow and disrupts lymphatic flow. Fats, toxins and fluids become more and more difficult to eliminate. The connective tissue hardens and the skin's surface takes on a bumpy appearance like an orange peel. Cellulite appears mainly on the buttocks and thighs but also, in some cases, on the stomach and upper arms.

There are several stages of cellulite:

  • Benign cellulite: the skin keeps a smooth appearance but has pinching irregularities.
  • Mild cellulite: The skin is slightly bumpy when the muscles are tense.
  • Moderate cellulite: Orange peel is clearly visible and is often accompanied by stretch marks.
  • Severe cellulitis: the skin has hard dimpling that is visible and painful to the touch and deep stretch marks.

Orange peel cellulitis should not be confused with infectious cellulitis, a skin disease caused by bacterial infections of the subcutaneous tissue.

Slimming cosmetics are of great help in helping you reduce the appearance of your orange peel skin , increase the tone and firmness of your thighs, stomach and / or buttocks.

Exfoliating care, oils, suction cups. Discover a wide choice of slimming products in your organic drugstore online.

Here is for you the secret of the application of a gel or a successful slimming oil:

In order to facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients of your slimming treatment, perform active massaging maneuvers such as palpate-rolling or pinching when applying it in order to break up fatty deposits.

Using a daily slimming treatment allows you to:

  • Reduce the orange peel effect
  • Firms and smooths the skin
  • Reshape the silhouette

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