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Dietary supplements are a great help in support of food reform and physical activity.

As part of a slimming cure, it is essential to first detoxify the body. This will allow him to better eliminate fats.

Spring is the ideal season to undertake mild detoxification of the body. Winter is often synonymous with good fat and hearty dishes, and with the cold and the night that falls early, it's hard to get motivated to go to the sport ... During this whole period, the body is swallowing toxins that it is important to eliminate at the coming of spring. A detox cure will relieve your organs of elimination by allowing them to better eliminate fats.

Following a detox, several categories of dietary supplements exist to lose weight:

  • The drainers destock fat and accelerate their elimination by directing them to the appropriate emunctories for disposal.
  • Fat burners speed up the metabolism. As a result, the body consumes more energy than it will get into its carbohydrate and lipid stores.

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