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Sea Band 

Cheap Sea Band Bracelets In Your Online Bio Pharmacy

The feeling of discomfort associated with a loose stomach and a slight urge to vomit is very unpleasant. The causes of nausea are varied and can range from pregnancy , to a meal too rich, through chemotherapy , migraine or motion sickness . But this unpleasant problem can be relieved by using certain methods. First there is an anti-nausea bracelet ... A small ball mass and presses on a point of acupressure (the point P6, for pericardium 6 or Nei guan for the intimates of traditional Chinese medicine). By simply pressing this point, the nausea disappears. You have to put on the two bracelets so that the nausea becomes an old memory, in a few minutes.
The English Sea Band company specializes in 100% natural methods to effectively counteract nausea.

Discover our new range of soft and comfortable Sea-Band bracelets that fit all wrist sizes and can be reused after hand washing.

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