Various Mild Medicines:

Herbal medicine offers solutions to heal with plants (powders, preparations in ampoules, infusions ...). Whether for better sleep or slimming strength, herbal medicine, that is to say, all medicinal plants , helps to solve everyday problems in a natural way.
In the form of powders, infusions, fresh or dried plants, or in the form of alcoholic tincture or balm ... Plants have always been used to cure various ailments. Among the best-known medicinal plants are lavender, sage and ginseng. Medicinal plants can contain hundreds or even thousands of different active ingredients.
You will discover all the benefits of plants on our health and the many ailments that can be soothed: cold, heavy legs, back pain, wart, cystitis, hemorrhoids ...
Herbal teas, herbal medicines and dietary supplements: the return to nature is affirmed in our pharmacy bio.

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